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Poor Behavior

Hingham Woman Demands Trick Or Treating Be Cancelled To Protect Her Because She’s High Risk For COVID While Campaigning For Biden Without Mask On


This is Meg Glazer and her husband Murray are the owners of Glacon Contracting in Hingham, where she is a well known and active member of the town democratic party.

She also happens to be a diabolically evil mega-Karen, which we discovered after a resident posted in a Facebook group about what their neighborhood would be doing for trick or treating.

There’s no reason kids shouldn’t be able to trick or treat. They wear masks, it’s outside, and if you don’t want to give candy out then you don’t have to. Cancelling trick or treating is a selfish move by adults that harms children, which is what this entire “pandemic” has been about since day one.

Meg Glazer said in the group that she wants Halloween to be cancelled this year because she’s high risk. However, it’s not just enough that she doesn’t participate, she also had to cast her judgement on the parenting skills of her neighbors in the process.

How dare you parents allow your kids to congregate without masks on during play dates! They should smother themselves so that Beatrice here can hide from a virus that has very little chance of killing her geriatric behind either.

She’s also been watching you adults get into cars with other nan-familial adults WITHOUT MASKS ON!! And don’t for one second think she didn’t see you walking with your husband down the street without one on either. She’s everywhere, and she’s always watching!

The sad part is she actually believes this stuff. I’ve seen her type before and they are so pathetic. All you can do is laugh at them. I’ll be going for a jog in the woods and see someone walking the other direction. They literally walk 10 feet into the shrubbery, cover their face, and look the other way. This is the world that doctors like Tony Fauci believe is a healthy world to live in.

What makes people like her so terrible and selfish is that they’ve lived their lives, and now they expect children to sacrifice in order to protect them. Hard pass. A society that punishes children in order to protect the elderly is an immoral society. How many Halloweens did she miss as a kid? How many senior years of high school did she have robbed from her? None. But now she’s brainwashed herself with fear porn and she demands that your “little spreaders” miss some of the funnest days of their lives because she has an irrational fear of a virus.

But here’s the thing that makes her even worse. While your kids have to give up outdoor events that they like in order to protect her, she’s out and about knocking on doors and campaigning for Joe Biden in a state he has a 1,000% chance of winning by double digits, WITHOUT A MASK ON!

You can’t script this level of hypocrisy.

Meanwhile her lawn is covered in BLM and political yard signs, including a sign nailed to a tree that says, “Make America Great Again Deport Donald Trump.”

Coincidentally she’s also anti-organized labor, which is weird for a democrat, because at the end of the day she owns a contracting company and the last thing she wants to do is pay her American employees a fair wage when illegal immigrants will work for much cheaper.

Don’t let these monsters cancel Halloween. They’ve already stolen so much from your kids. If your town “cancels” Halloween then start a Facebook group, get a list of houses that will be handing out candy, and have trick or treating anyway. Don’t let evil witches like this control you and your family.


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