Holbrook Selectman Who Used COVID To Scam Elderly Landlords Out Of Rent Caught Using Racial Slurs While Drunk At Bar, Still Has Support Of House Speaker Ron Mariano


In 2021 we published a blog about Daniel Lee, the Chairman of the Holbrook Board of Selectmen, after he lied about being unemployed due to COVID in order to scam his landlord out of rent money while going on vacations to his Maine summer home. He ironically was elected to be the Treasurer of the Holbrook Housing Authority, and collected taxes from the elderly landlord he wasn’t paying rent to by pretending to be unemployed. He trashed the place where his family squatted for over a year, never missed a meal, and drives a nice Chevy Tahoe. Oh, and he used his power in town to appoint his wife Brenda Lee to be the assistant collector.

He has never apologized or taken any sort of responsibility, nor has he faced any criminal charges. He and his wife never resigned from their positions. As a matter of fact Ron Mariano, the Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, is still a close friend and supporter of Daniel Lee to this day.

Tony Branch recently was re-elected to Southeastern Regional School Committee despite being a well known pedophile who has been squatting in his Brockton home for the last 5 years, and also used COVID to delay the eviction process. In Massachusetts it seems as if nothing matters as long as you are a Democrat like Danny Lee and Tony Branch.

For that reason Lee decided to run again this year after surviving a recall petition. And why wouldn’t he? Look at the list of people who were at his March 2 campaign fundraiser?

Mariano is one of the most powerful people in the state. Two other Selectmen are on there too – David Reilly and Lindsy Vayda. Brockton Mayor Rober Sullivan and City Councillor Jack Lally (who I thought was a decent guy, but I guess not), who allow Tony Branch to head the Brockton Diversity Commission. They should all be named and shamed for their association with this unrepentant scumbag who preys on the elderly. He still hasn’t paid back the rent.

But again, he’s a Democrat, which is the only thing that matters for the boomers who don’t pay attention to the news.

Meanwhile Danny Lee is a raging alcoholic who regularly gets in bar fights and then starts commenting on Facebook at 3 in the morning.

Speaking of drunk, here’s a video of Danny Lee that was taken in a local tavern, showing the elected leader completely plastered and using racial slurs multiple times. It’s a wild video.

0:48 – “Turn the music down ya gook.” (bartender was Asian)

“I’m gonna punch you in the f***ing hernia!”

“I bet them, I think” – Stumbling drunk who doesn’t remember which sportball team he bet on

2:10 – “Give me a beer or I’m gonna f***ing hurt you! I’ll f***ing smash f***ing bottles. I’m kidding!”

Bartender – “You know I’m half Asian right?

Danny Lee – “Come at me you f***ing gook.”

“F*** you, you f***ing fat f***. I will smash you in your hernia, you f***ing retard. Go back to f***ing retardville. Where you from? Montello Street in Brockton, you piece of shit.” (Tony Branch currently squats in a home he was foreclosed on on Montello Street.)

“You’re not from f***ing Ireland. You’re from f***ing shitbagville. Maybe Whitman.”

At the 3:25 mark it got tense when another man came over who apparently had relatives who signed the recall petition to get rid of Danny Lee.

Lee: “Your mother and father started the recall Danny Lee. You’re a f***ing asshole too.”

Man: “Everyone signed.”

Lee (standing up and pointing): “F*** you and your mother. F*** you, you f***ing piece of shit. They signed it. Your mother and father signed it. F*** off. I’ll f***ing bottle all of yous or I’ll fight yous one on one. Don’t stand to the left of me anymore. I’m asking you nicely. Whatever, you’re uncle signed the recall petition. I’ll fight all of you. His mother and father signed it, and I’ll fight them too.”

Then things got really colorful at 4:10 –

Drunk #2 – “I’m from County Cork.”

Lee: “You’re from f***ing N***erville, Brooklyn.”

I don’t think that’s a real place.

Just a reminder, this man still works for the town of Holbrook DPW. They should fire him immediately. Here’s all the politicians who accepted campaign contributions from him:

Sheriff Pat McDermott, Boston Mayoral candidate Annissa Essaibi George, State Rep Julian Cyr, Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria. Shame them all.

Unfortunately for Danny Lee it turns out that people in Holbrook read Turtleboy and he finished in dead last place last week:

I’m just blown away that 279 people can be this stupid. Daniel Lee isn’t just a corrupt politician, he’s a full blown ratchet drunk. And 279 grown adults decided that he would be the most appropriate person to run the town’s government.

But there is still no explanation as to why Ron Mariano and others proudly attended his fundraiser, knowing all of the horrible things this drunken degenerate has done to his landlords. Since we published our blog Mariano hired Lee’s complicit wife Brenda to work at the Statehouse.

Ron Mariano needs to explain this. Email his office and demand that he denounce Danny Lee’s blatant racism, corruption, and refusal to pay his rent: [email protected]. Danny Lee should be in jail right now, not rubbing elbows with powerful politicians.

I feel so bad his kids though. They didn’t choose to have parents like this.


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