Holden Democratic Town Committee Is Working Overtime To Make Sure I Don’t Get Elected After School Committee Debate


If you missed Wednesday night’s candidate debate for Holden School Committee you can watch the whole thing by clicking here. I drew the first straw so my 3 minute statement for why I’m running was first. I did a recap of the entire debate on the live show last night, and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here

My position is simple – anyone who voted to keep schools closed did a disservice to our children and must be replaced on any School Committee in every town and city. Here’s the WRSD November meeting delaying the planned reopening the day before the first day of hybrid learning.

The data and science were clear that the schools were safe, and that keeping kids from school was harming them more than the virus ever could. I also don’t want kids to be force fed state sanctioned racism known as “critical race theory,” which is happening in school districts everywhere. For those reasons I’m being called “scary.”

Poor Susan, she’s scared. Her 2019 letter to the editor makes me believe I didn’t have her vote to begin with.

I did agree with one thing Joseph Gustafson wrote in his Sept. 17 anti-Black Lives Matter letter to the editor. He wrote that “When a democracy starts favoring one race over another, it ceases to be democratic.” How can he not realize that it’s what our country has done since its founding? It is well past time to recognize and eliminate white privilege.

Yes, let’s eliminate white privilege. Whatever that means. This is certainly a priority for people running against me, but I’m more concerned with ensuring our children get a good education. That’s the difference between me and them.

If you watched the debates it’s clear that the 3 candidates who actually care about the kids the most and no longer are content with the status quo are myself, George Kaminski, and Barry Dellecese.

Asima Silva stated at a School Committee meeting that 10,000 children died in Massachusetts from COVID, and used that lie to push for more school closures. She also has been pushing critical race theory in her subcommittee “diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism.”

Lauren Salmon-Garrett didn’t know what critical race theory was, and said she wanted the Holden Police Officer removed from Wachusett High School because cops are racist towards black kids. Linda Long-Belil seems nice enough, but she too has bought into CRT by making a statement that black kids feel that they are being unfairly targeted in schools, based off of some anonymous emails they wrote in September.

Driving through Holden you’ll notice that the these three women all have signs in the same yards. As it turns out that’s because the local town democratic committee is pushing them as a package in order to prevent me from getting on:

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They’re very worried that I might get on and help kids learn while preventing the spread of racism.



Also, disgraced Worcester Magazine columnist Bill Shaner is on the case looking into my campaign financials.

Best of luck Billy.

I’d recommend that Holden voters not only vote for me on May 10, but also Barry and George. We don’t need one seat, we need a complete revolution.

During the meeting Lauren Salmon-Garrett said that our kids were lucky to get back into school when they did. Wrong. Education is a fundamental human and civil right, and the School Committee had no right to take that away from them.

The School Committee does not grant kids access to an education, and they had no authority to take it away from them to begin with.

Asima Silva attempted to rewrite history, claiming that we opened too late because we didn’t have “the metrics.” But she was the cheerleader for keeping the buildings closed, and at the meeting where she said 10K kids had died from COVID the metrics were presented to her, showing that the schools were safe. She couldn’t read a graph and chose to fear monger instead.

You’re an adult. Do your own research. If you need the superintendent to hand you a graph showing that the schools were safe to reopen then you have no business controlling educational opportunities for children.

Other highlights included:

  • Asima Silva saying that her biggest issue was diversity, whatever that means. She also said that we didn’t have enough advanced courses. However, critical race theory and the push for “equity” dictates that schools eliminate advanced courses because there aren’t enough non-white and non-Asian students enrolled in them. It happened in Boston.
  • Linda, Lauran, and Asima all stood by a September 8 meeting in which anonymous student emails were read aloud ripping teachers and administrators for allowing racism in the schools. None of these were verified, but policy was still set as a direct result, including Lauren’s push for removing cops from the schools. Here’s that meeting:

Lauren, Linda, and Asima claimed that kids didn’t criticize their teachers and smear them as racists. But the following time stamps show that this was a lie:

16:30 – Student reported that a student told other student he was going to line up and shoot immigrants in the head and teacher did nothing.

19:45 – Black kids wished they had more teachers “like them.” In other words, they view themselves and their teachers primarily based on their race, and our School Committee is legitimizing this version of critical race theory.

53:45 – Member Woodland expressed her frustration that administrators and teachers didn’t respond to racism. She blindly believed anonymous emails from kids and threw teachers under the bus.

1:09:10 – Another member that he “hates the idea that people are going to behave in these ways, and teachers and administrators are standing by allowing that to happen.” Once again, throwing teachers under the bus.

1:25 – Asima accused the teachers of not reporting racist incidents.

This ends when I get on the School Committee.

I don’t have an institution like the Democratic Town Committee spending money to endorse me. I’m just a concerned parent who wants to stand up to the entrenched politicians who harmed our children. If you would like to help me campaign I specifically need people on May 10 to text everyone they know in Holden and remind them to vote for me, Barry, and George. I’d like to set up a phone tree to make this happen. If you’re interested in helping please email [email protected]


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