Holden Man Fabricates Story About Worcester Pizza Shop Kicking Him Out For Pro-Police Flag On Car, Omits His Own Criminal Past In Attempt To Garner Approval Of Law Enforcement


There are no shortage of fake hate crimes perpetrated by those who associate with black lives matter. However, these activists are not the only ones who use social division to smear innocent people. Meet Seth Mierzejewski from Holden.

I’m in a Worcester Police Union Facebook group where people post stories about current events surrounding law enforcement. Seth is also in that group and frequently posts pro-police commentary, despite not being a police officer. Yesterday he posted that he was mistreated at Kelley Square Pizza by a delivery driver who didn’t like his blue line flag on his car, and it garnered a lot of commentary.

As soon as I saw this I assumed it was a lie. You should always assume that unconfirmed stories you see on Facebook that sound cartoonish are probably lies. I realize that anti-police rhetoric in this country is high right now, but getting in his wife’s face and kicking them out for something on his car? No thanks. This is what happens when a society turns victimhood into currency – it makes victimhood something worth pursuing.

I went to elementary school with George, the owner of Kelley Square Pizza. And George would never allow something like this to happen there. He runs a tight ship, has a great relationship with law enforcement, and offers them a discount in uniform. I spoke with him last night and he assured me that there was much more to the story. Seth must’ve left out the part where he and his wife were acting unruly and may or may not have gotten in a delivery driver’s car to move it. We’ll find out more when I get to see the tapes.

Other cops posted positively about their experiences at KSP.

But Seth Mierzejewski isn’t a cop. He’s just a bootlicker who wants to be accepted by them and thinks that fabricating stories about being a victim of a group that is hostile towards cops will get him there. People like him are even worse than the activists who make up lies about race hoaxes, and people who blindly believe stories like this are no better than the people we expose.

To make matters worse this man who claims to support the police accused this officer of creating a divide.

And he watched as morons flooded Kelley Square Pizza’s Facebook page with negative comments and reviews.

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Brandon Thrower is a cop from Pennsylvania.

As were some of these other out of state cops.

Newsflash – if you’re blindly believing everything you see on the Internet because it fits your agenda, then you’re no better than the BLM mobs you complain about.

Stop believing everything you see on the Internet.


Then there was this guy.

Justin Smith appears to be a cop, or perhaps just a bootlicker looking for their approval, from somewhere down south. He also voluntarily castrated himself, which can be seen in the fact that he has a shared Facebook account with his wife Tiffany. Check out his response on KSP Facebook page.

“Are you positive this didn’t happen.”

Who the hell are you to even ask that question? Kelley Square Pizza owes you nothing. You’re a literal nobody, and under no circumstances should a business owner take time out of his day to explain to you how he knows something didn’t happen at his business. Go back to Tennessee and take this knobjob with you.

The reason that bootlickers like Seth Mierzejewski desire to be accepted so much by law enforcement is because they think it will cover for the fact that they’ve been on the other side of the law for quite sometime. Seth forgot to mention his stash of Google trophies, including prizes for passing out drunk in his car at the YMCA, driving an uninsured vehicle without a license, and assault and battery and kidnapping a family member.

1:16 a.m.: Police said they placed a Holden resident in protective custody after finding him sleeping in his vehicle in the YMCA parking lot on Valente Drive. Seth J. Mierzejewski, 39, of 1348 Main Street showed signs of intoxication when he was found in his car, police said. 


According to Seth’s LinkedIn he is a “law enforcement professional” with 20 years experience as a CO.

When I went to look into him I noticed he had friend requested me, so I decided to shoot him a message to see if he could clear any of this up.

And…… now I’m blocked.

“Are you above mistakes in your life?”

Certainly not. But I don’t kidnap or assault family members, and I don’t make up lies and smear small businesses for attention. Unlike Seth I support police because it’s the right thing to do, not because I’m looking to be accepted and liked by them.


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