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Poor Behavior

Holden Man Tracks Down And Shames Cop For Not Wearing Mask While Admittedly Not Wearing A Mask Himself


Szymon Twarog is a grown man who lives in his Mom’s house in Holden.

Szymon, whose Mom is so broke she couldn’t afford to buy a vowel on the day he was born, recently went full Karen on a Holden cop and attempted to shame the public servant on the Facebook machine.

“RiSkS pEoPlEs LiVeS”

I just can’t get over what a nation of overly dramatic cowards we have become. Imagine thinking that your life was being “risked” because another human being near you wasn’t wearing a mask? Because you might breathe in a virus with a 99.98% recovery rate, and even less than that for people in his demographic.

Of course no one actually believes that their lives are being risked when someone near them doesn’t have a mask on, because if they did they would NEVER leave their house under any circumstances. If there was a virus out there that turned people into zombies who ate your face off if they didn’t have a mask on, except infected individuals looked like regular people so you had no idea who had the virus and who didn’t, would you ever go out? I sure wouldn’t, because I’m not risking my face getting eaten by a zombie. It’s essentially the same thing here. If people were truly scared that COVID would kill them if someone breathed it on them, and you couldn’t tell who had it and who didn’t (most are asymptomatic), then no one would risk interacting with other human beings under any circumstances.

But Kielbasa Karen clearly is not scared in the least bit because he sought out this cop, got within six feet of him, and allowed the cop to breathe all over him. According to Szechuan Szymon he actually tracked the cop down as he ran away, which is a weird thing to do if you’re afraid of getting a deadly disease from someone.

First of all, we don’t know that this cop doesn’t wear a mask regularly, not that it matters. But this idea that you’re some sort of hero who is “protecting people” by smothering yourself with a piece of cloth made in a Laotian sweatshop is the kind of self important virtue signaling you get when you tell people that they are saving lives by staying home until a vaccine exists.

But wait, it gets better.

He wasn’t wearing a mask himself. Think man gets to vote on election day and there are millions of people like him. He thinks that the mask is only worn to prevent you from spreading it to other people. He doesn’t think that it also protects you from inhaling it, because apparently he believes the virus enters your respiratory system via your glory hole.

Now Kielbasa Karen is trying to get the cop fired.

“I have nothing to lose.”

Accurate. After all, he lives in his Mom’s house and his “business” called Midnight Munchies-Late Night Food went out of business years ago. Evidently a guy making pierogis at a bar he doesn’t own on Water Street isn’t the great idea he thought it would be.

He actually had a cooking show for his “business,” in which he swore at a fish and complained about how horrible his “employees” were while wearing some sort of oversized soiled jizzrag.

Are those underpants hanging on the wall? I guess I’d be surprised if he didn’t have underpants hanging on his wall.

Now he says he’s demanding that the cop apologize or else he’ll end his career, because “I’m that mother f***er.”

Literally. He lives with his Mom after all.

Meanwhile, he’s a big tough guy making vague threats about killing cops if they keep shooting rapists like Jacob Blake.

Why bother getting violent with the cops though? You could get blood on your oversized sperm colored lab coat and Mom won’t be able to get the stain out in the wash. All you have to do is just take your mask off and they’re dead in five minutes anyway. Science.


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