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Holyoke Grandmother Defends Daughter After Getting Arrested For Trying To Assault Children With Her Car Outside Of Granddaughter’s School


A Holyoke mother heard a rumor that her child was being bullied at the charter school she attends in Chicopee. And while most people would probably send an email to a teacher or call the principal, Edith Cordero had a different way to get justice for her daughter.

I’ve told conservatives this over and over again – charter schools are nothing but taxpayer funded liberal brainwashing centers. The school is named “Social Justice Charter School.” What exactly do you think your taxpayer dollars are paying for kids to learn there? What accountability do you as a taxpayer have over that school? Because public schools have elected School Committees. Charter Schools have unelected boards of SJWs who name schools “Social Justice Charter School.”

Well, apparently at this school “social justice” means barging into a building, acting as ratchet as possible, swearing at police, and using your car as a weapon in order to intimidate a bunch of children.

The best part of the police report was this exchange:

Ofc Montanez went to advise the mom on her options of filing a report, and criminal charges on those that hit her daughter. She replied that she was not filing a report, and that she was going to go to the house and “f*** those b****es up.”

She was advised not to do that.

Excuse Miss, I understand your inner Holyoke is telling you that it’s the right thing to follow a bunch of teenagers back to their house and give them the hoodrat helicopter, but we would strongly advise you to go ahead and not do that. Thank you.

She did warn the world about this the night before at least.

She found out at 8 PM that her daughter was allegedly jumped at school. Not from the principal or the police, or even her daughter, but from her daughter’s friend. Naturally instead of being an adult and calling the school she decided to take the law into her own hands by fulfilling all of the requirements to appear on a Turtleboy blog – swearing at cops, acting as ratchet as possible, getting involved in teenage beef, and seeing nothing wrong with this whatsoever.

Edith briefly showed up in the comments on the Chicopee Police Department’s Facebook page, but ended up deactivating before any screenshots could be taken. Luckily Grandma doesn’t believe in the delete and retreat, and she’s had quite enough of the plus sized prize patrol picking on her granddaughter.

Nothing says dindu nuffin quite like fat shaming a bunch of kids in order to defend your 35 year old daughter on the CPD Facebook page.

If you’re a grandmother who does duckface and cat filter, odds are you’ve probably spawned someone who has been featured in a Turtleboy blog.

Her granddaughter is a teenager and they live in Holyoke, so the laws of probability tell us that she’ll be a great grandmother by the time I hit the publish button.

She may only be in her early 50’s, but that’s at least 142 in Holyoke years. Ya look great Edith Sr!

I know when I go to Grandma’s house I often find a bunch of trap queens, none of who can speak English, passing around Tequila they’re drinking directly out of the bottle.


I thought we all could agree that a mother using a car as a weapon to intimidate a bunch of children was a bad thing, but that’s not how things work in Holyoke. All the dog filters agree that Mom couldn’t have possibly done anything differently.

Keep in mind, Edith Jr. took absolutely zero steps in addressing any alleged bullying that was happening in the school. She didn’t call the school and set up a meeting, or even write an email. A child called her up and told her an unconfirmed anecdote and that was all she needed to hear before she was ready to go to jail. Or as they call it in Holyoke, “finna catch dis case.”

Hey ladies, I know you think this is all normal because your idea of a hot date is getting T-boned in the back of a 97 Civic, but outside of Holyoke we all consider this to be very strange.

Oh, and just for good measure – Mom’s apparently pregnant.

She’s not afraid to catch a catch a charge, a venereal disease, or a load.


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