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Law and Order

Holyoke Social Worker Stabbed By Man Let Out Of Jail Early On Technicality For Attempting To Kill Cop With Sledgehammer


Black lives matter believes that we should defund police and use social workers to respond to domestic calls because police are blood thirsty racist murderers, but they’ve never pondered the danger they’d be putting social workers in if they did that. In Holyoke over the weekend we found out.

If the media were honest this story would be everywhere to highlight the lunacy of using defenseless social workers or mental health clinicians with no training in how to apprehend violent, knife wielding psychopaths for 911 calls. But the media doesn’t want this story to be all over your timelines because it would completely discredit BLM by highlighting how insane their entire movement is.

This guy was a ticking time bomb and seems to have no control of himself whatsoever. For his sake, and especially for the sake of society, he should be locked up for the rest of his life. But instead some idiotic appeals court overruled his conviction for hitting a cop with a Goddamn sledgehammer because the judge in that case didn’t give the jury specific enough directions about this animal’s mental health. Now BLM wants to get social workers killed by having them respond to calls, not knowing what kind of lunatic will answer the doorbell. What could possibly go wrong?


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