Holyoke Woman Shares $10K GoFundMe For Mom In Facebook Group But Can’t Remember When She Got Run Over By A Car 


This is Mychaela Marie Woods and her mother from Holyoke.


Yesterday she shared a $10K GoFundMe for her Mom in a Chicopee Facebook group that caught the attention of many.


Wow that’s a lot of deadly diseases to all happen at the same time. And right after she was hospitalized after a hit and run and her 19 year old brother almost died from COVID. Now she apparently has no health insurance in a state that mandates it, and on top of that her landlord sold the house so she’s homeless when she gets out of the hospital.

That’s pretty horrible luck.

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I’m not saying this is all made up, or that her mother isn’t in the hospital. However, given that many people have used GoFundMe to scam innocent people out of money it is incumbent upon the person who created the GFM to show people that they’re legitimate, especially if they’re asking strangers in a community Facebook group for money. Did she have a copy of the police report?


Nope. How bout a date of the hit and run so donors could verify that it happened?

Nope. Sometime in September. It’s not like that’s a traumatizing experience you’d remember or anything like that. But she’ll get back to us today, and she remembers that it was around the time her 19 year old brother got out of the hospital after nearly dying from COVID.


This guy nearly died from COVID.

And you’ll just have to take her word for it.

According to her if people don’t have nice things to say about her they just shouldn’t say anything at all, which is pretty much what every scammer in the history of scamming has said to the skeptics.

You’re not allowed to ask questions when strangers ask you for $10,000.

Erin Dodd, who contributed zero dollars and zero cents to the GoFundMe, was her primary defender, telling anyone who had questions to move along if they weren’t handing over their cash.

New rule – if you have purple hair and a door knocker stuck in your nose then you’re not allowed to speak in public because it’s impossible to take you seriously.


Then there are the people like Jennifer Bernard who yell at others for asking questions, and then announce that they will be giving nothing because…reasons.

“I absolutely wish your Mom well.”

Translation – “I ain’t giving you shit, but here’s some words on the Internet so it looks like I care.”

It’s like the idea that someone could use GoFundMe for fraudulent purposes is a completely foreign concept they’ve never heard of before.

What about a picture of her Mom in the hospital? All you can see from the GFM is a zoomed in photo of someone with horrible lighting who is supposedly her mother.

Nope, can’t get that either. Just shut up and give her $10K.

Her best friend Tara, who also donated zero dollars and zero cents, defended her on the post as well.


Zero dollars and zero cents.

No one says she’s making anything up. People just have questions. And when you respond like this to people who ask questions:

It doesn’t really help people believe that you’re telling the truth. Just sayin.

Mychaela said she’d be getting back to us today about what day her Mom was the victim of a hit and run so we could verify with the police that this actually happened. Turns out it wasn’t September, it was actually sometime in July, and she can’t get the police report.

Being off by two months for such a traumatic event is completely understandable. But she did have proof that her Mom was hospitalized in the form of a Facebook picture from August 1.


The GoFundMe said this happened a month after her brother got out of the hospital after nearly dying from COVID. Her evidence that the brother nearly died from COVID was Mom’s Facebook posts from April, which is 3 months before July, and 5 months before September.

Anyway, maybe she is really in the hospital, and if she is that sucks. But don’t go asking strangers for money on Facebook if you can’t answer some simple questions. That’s not how any of this works.




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