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Homeless Woman Who Raised Over $4K Using Questionable Story About Mother’s Coronavirus Is Currently Out On Bond, Has Criminal Past


A homeless Kansas City, KS woman named Sarah Todd posted a heartbreaking story on Facebook last week about her mother contracting coronavirus and wanted people to donate to her Facebook fundraiser. When it didn’t initially get much traction she made another post begging people to share it, and it ended up getting more than 622K shares and counting.

As you can see from her edit history, she had to keep updating it when it wasn’t getting enough attention.

The Facebook fundraiser seems rather suspect. It uses a cover photo of her mother, who is clearly in great shape, and makes some dubious claims.

Things that should’ve stood out:

  • Homeless people don’t just become homeless. They’re almost always drug addicts who have turned away programs and resources that could’ve helped them from becoming homeless.
  • If her mother really had the commie cold at her nursing home she would’ve been sent to the hospital, and would not require a Facebook fundraiser to do so.
  • The odds that this homeless woman is having a “conservation” with the ER supervisor at Kansas University hospital seems hard to picture.
  • The fact that Sarah doesn’t have life insurance is irrelevant since Sarah isn’t the one supposedly dying.
  • She claims she hasn’t gotten her stimulus money, most likely because she never paid taxes in 2018 and doesn’t deserve to get a penny from the government because she’d spend it all on drugs anyway.
  • The money will go towards housing for Sarah (so she can have her Mom move in), a bed, and her mother’s funeral if she dies. Yet at the same time she’s trying to get Mom into the hospital.

Obviously none of this is true, yet she’s still raised nearly $4K.

A quick search for Sarah Jane Todd reveals some major Google trophies, including a recent arrest she’s out on $850 bond for.

She really milked it for all it was worth though.

I’d say I feel sorry for the people who donated, but I don’t. Anyone dumb enough to part with their money that easily wasn’t meant to have that money in the first place. She’s homeless, telling a story that clearly makes no sense, and begging people to share it. If you can’t tell that’s a scam then you have no business being on the Internet.

I’m not a licensed Facebook detective or anything, but it would also appear that she lied about firing having a baby in February.

She hasn’t posted about the baby once since (she has an older daughter who I’m sure she spends a lot of quality time with in the DCF visitor’s room), and none of her friends knew she was pregnant.

Somehow the homeless woman, who does in fact post on Facebook frequently, didn’t mention being pregnant for nine months and hasn’t mentioned the baby since giving birth.

Sounds legit.

I can’t tell if Momma Shamuumuu is in on the scam, but she gets tagged in everything and comments on most of her previous posts.

The other woman listed as a creator of the fundraiser is Crystal Carlson.

She appears to be the kind of woman who could be heard uttering such phrases as, “My son Kayden is my King and it’s me against the world,” and “Only God can judge.”

Now that Sarah has been revealed to be a scam artist it looks like the two of them have to figure out their story.

The bottom line is I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who gave money to a woman like this. It’s an example of why everyone should read and subscribe to TB Daily News. Turtle riders know by now how to spot a scam from a mile away.


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