Hull Mom Who Robbed Norwell Garden Center With Her Kids Strikes Again: Robs Marshfield Store With New Career Criminal Boyfriend


Three months ago we blogged about Hull mother Jennifer Poor, after she acted as the getaway driver for her teenage children and a friend as they robbed a business in Norwell.

Her daughter Skyla was all up in the inbox and on her mothers page, blaming us for calling her mother a bad Mom, which seemed to be entirely accurate given the circumstances.

If you name your daughter Skyla, there’s a 99% chance you and her will make your Turtleboy debut together. That’s just science.

According to Skyla Mom wasn’t involved in that robbery. It’s not like Jennifer Poor would ever act as the getaway driver during a robbery, right? Well, Skyla is going to have a tough time defending Mom for her most recent act of criminality.

Marshfield Police Department officers were dispatched to a business on Ocean Street on Tuesday, Feb. 25, at 3:15 p.m., following report of a shoplifter. Officers were told the vehicle, a brown Nissan Altima, had left the parking lot driven by the shoplifter, a female, with a male passenger. “The witness stated that some cameras had been stolen and the vehicle left at a high rate of speed,” Sgt. Liam Rooney said. “It drove through the red light, cutting off traffic at the intersection [in front of the business] while attempting to leave the scene.”

After beginning to search the area, police received a 911 call from a resident of South River Street who told them a vehicle, which matched the earlier report, had pulled into their driveway and a male passenger had left the vehicle and started walking toward South River School. Officers arrived on scene, identifying the female driver as Jennifer L. Poor, 39, of 13 North River Drive, Scituate, and seeing items matching the ones stolen from the business in plain view.

Chief Phil Tavares was on scene and located the male passenger, identified as Michael S. Spear, 44, of 95 Broad St., Weymouth. Spear on the rear field of the school, walking toward the woods. Spear had an active probation warrant and was placed under arrest. Poor was also placed under arrest and transported to the Marshfield Police station. After towing the vehicle to the police station, officers conducted an inventory search, locating two prescription pill bottles in the front console containing Adderall and Gabapentin, neither of which were prescribed to Poor. Spear was arrested under the existing warrant and Poor was charged with two counts of possession of a class E drug, 11 counts of shoplifting by asportation and failure to stop.

Let me guess – this one is TB’s fault too? If you’re hanging out with a guy who poses for mugshots like this:

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Bad things are going to happen. That man right there looks like a washed up relief pitcher who got a bad addiction to percs after Tommy John surgery. Mugshots stopped phasing him a long, long time ago. He is a Google trophy machine.

There hasn’t been a single day in the last 20 years in which he didn’t wake up and have outstanding warrants. And not one of those days did it ever convince him to keep a low profile.

Meanwhile, this is the face of a woman who is still pretending to be a good mother and can’t come to terms with the fact that she is in fact a flaming dumpster fire of broken dreams.

Accept it. Embrace it. You are a ratchet now. You have been for quite some time. Your daughter will follow in your footsteps, get knocked up sometime in the very near future, and your grandchildren will likely follow suit. Although at least this time she actually committed the asportation herself, instead of making her crotch fruits do her dirty work.

Oh well, at least she can always pretend to be a good mom via memes.


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