Hull Woman Upset With Police For Not Charing Dunkins Owner With Assault By Deadly Weapon For Allowing Unmasked Employees


This is Kim Levangie, originally from Hull.

The other day she went to the Dunkins in Hull and noticed that none of their employees were wearing masks! So she did what any normal person would do in that situation – called the Hull Police – but she didn’t get the response she was hoping for.

Why aren’t the Hull Police charging the owner of Dunkins with assault by a deadly weapon!!??? Healthy people breathing air is no different than shooting up a high school with an AR-15. Sure, the employees could easily just put a mask on themselves if they wanted to, they’re probably vaccinated, and likely are not high risk to die from COVID even if they caught the virus. Nonetheless, the Hull Police should’ve raided that Dunkins like it was Waco and arrested everyone because this very sane and rational woman felt scared!

Kim is not known for overreacting in the least bit either, and has never been known to share inaccurate or misleading information on social media.

Our bodies, our choice! Except when it comes to masking. Then it’s your body, my choice.

She’s also really mad at Amy Coney Barrett for impregnating women in Texas and forcing them to give birth to her rape babies.

Kim insists that the newest SCOTUS Justice do something about all these unwanted babies! Ya know, like adopting two orphans to add to her existing family of 7.

Kim actually appears to live in Florida now, where she wisely started a small business knitting wool clothing, which is in high demand in Florida during the summer.

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She makes and models socks for crackheads.

And fupa-wear.

Luckily being the owner of a business that makes products that nobody purchases, gives you the flexibility to be able to travel to Washington DC to sit with Cori Bush’s fat ass on the Capitol steps until deadbeat tenants like Dasha Kelly are allowed to squat indefinitely on other people’s property.

And for a person who is very concerned about health she’s much more concerned about masks at Dunkins than she is about the fact that there are lizards living in her house.

Every single person pretending to be scared of COVID is a deranged radical leftist, and this completely political pandemic stopped being about the science a long, long time ago. Prove me wrong.


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