Hull Women Protect Suspended Superintendent Who Preys On Young Boys While Ignoring Victims Who Bravely Came Forward


It’s been three days since we broke the news that Hull Public Schools Superintendent Michael Devine has been put on leave for sending a former student sexual text messages. Although the media has reported his absence, no one has reported the reason. We also published a verified account from a former student at Norwell High School who Mr. Devine tried and failed to seduce when the young man turned 21. In case there was any doubt the former student provided messages sent from Mr. Devine in 2012, asking his victim not to report what happened

The former student was adamant that Devine should not be in charge of kids anywhere, as his motives are not pure. It doesn’t matter if it’s illegal because no one is trying to have him arrested here. The former student, like many others, believes that someone who behaves like this should not be a superintendent anywhere.

I figured we were doing a public service by publishing the stories of young men he’s targeted who felt victimized. The local media isn’t reporting it and the Hull School Committee isn’t getting into specifics. If nobody writes about it then what’s going to stop him from getting another job? These people always just move from one place to the next, hoping to get a fresh start, and school districts cover it up. I saw it all the time in my 11 years of teaching. It’s always easier to cover up and pass along rather than confront an evil.

Unfortunately TB Daily News has been banned from Hull Facebook groups for being a voice for victims.

These people are slaves to corporate controlled media and they don’t even realize it. Yes, TB Daily News is real news. Just ask the State Police higher ups who resigned in disgrace as a result of our investigations. If you choose to pretend that Turtleboy isn’t real news then you’re choosing to remain willfully ignorant. But in this case you’re actually protecting a predator and silencing the voices of victims. Shame on you Robin Flint.

She is doing Mr. Devine’s bidding, and taking steps that would allow him to victimize more boys in her community. And all because she has arbitrarily decided that TB Daily News is not “reliable.”

She’s yet another Facebook admin on a power trip who responded to two malcontents.

Your name is Gisela, and your evidence that TB Daily News is unreliable is a link to my book.

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People like her and Bill Anderson don’t know the first thing about “reliable” sources. If it’s not printed in a “newspaper” like “Wicked Local,” that’s owned by Gatehouse media, then they don’t think it’s real. They’ve blindly put their faith in an institution that routinely covers up stories and doesn’t engage in actual journalism. The Boston Globe used to do stories like this, but they’ve got their hands tied at the moment with Kevin Cullen’s works of fiction.

The bottom line is that Bill Anderson, Gisella Voss, and Robin Flint are all actively taking steps to cover up for a predator and silence young men from town who were targeted by this man. They think this makes them the good ones here. Sad.


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