Hundreds Gather In Sherborn For Peace Vigil Bob Murchison Didn’t Show For, Genuflect Before Man Named “Podcast Jesus,” But It’s Not A Cult


The prayer vigil scheduled for high noon in Sherborn went forward as scheduled on Saturday, but sadly activist Sherborn resident Bob Murchison and his business partner Shirley Leung were not in attendance. Had Bob shown up he would’ve been welcomed with open arms by Kirk Minihane and Gerry Callahan, both of whom were willing to be the bigger man and bury the hatchet, despite the fact that Murchison and Leung have been harassing and/or stalking WEEI and Barstool Sports’ advertisers for the last two years. When Minihane arrived this is what greeted him.

The permit was for 50 people. Blind Mike counted 49.

Here’s the live stream from the prayer vigil if you missed it today.

Some might say that a mob of people genuflecting in front of a man with a bullhorn who calls himself Podcast Jesus is some sort of cult.

I have no idea why someone would ever think that.

Two Minifans got married by Justice of the Peace Jon Featherstone, AKA Ashland Mike Pence.

The flower girl came dressed for success.

They were serenaded by the sweet tunes of future Grammy winner Linda Marks, as Kirk and Blind Mike stood in awe of the greatness they were experiencing.

Fellow victim of Bob Murchison Gerry Callahan came out of hibernation, anxious to make amends with his oppressor.

Sadly they never got to meet, but we look forward to Gerry’s podcast getting started soon and hope that Dave Cullinane will choose Turtleboy for the casting couch.

After the prayer vigil was concluded it was off to Jack’s Abbey in Framingham for Pizza on Portnoy and hard cider for all. Does these look like the faces of people who weren’t having the time of their lives?

Also, this is what happens when you pose for a picture with Blind Mike and you don’t tell him where the camera is.

Am I going to hell because I think that’s hilarious? Blind Mike seems like a good sport about it at least.

As always, we welcome Bob Murchison to come onto the Turtleboy Live show with Kirk for peer mediation if he wants to finally put this rivalry to bed.



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