Hyannis Mother Posts Video Of Herself Abusing Her Kids, Cracking Eggs On Them, Injuring Infant In Shopping Cart


Cassie Mendoza is a mother from Hyannis, more commonly known as “Brockton by the Sea.”

She has many Google trophies, including one that leads back to a TB comment section, in which a commenter predicted that she would one day be featured on here.

The wait is officially over, and her TB debut has arrived.

Cassie likes to film herself abusing her children and thought it would be wise to then post those videos on Facebook. In the three videos we’ve spliced into one she can be seen doing the following:

  1. Allowing her infant to ride in the front seat of a shopping cart, before intentionally accelerating and causing the child to fall head first into the carriage
  2. Smashing an egg on what appears to be her 3 year old son’s head
  3. Smashing another egg on the infant’s head while she cries out in misery

The most disturbing part about those videos is Cassie Mendoza’s laughter. She’s having a great time abusing her kids, but her screaming daughter doesn’t seem to be enjoying it. Shockingly kids don’t like being humiliated, filmed, and debased by their mothers on video for the amusement of others.

Cassie victimized herself on Facebook three weeks ago when another woman made an inappropriate comment about the children she publicly abuses. It led to a hundreds of comments long thread filled with people calling her a great mother.

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In other words, these people all see this happening and are OK with it. They are just as bad as she is. In the thread she says that her son would stab and spit on the woman.

When she’s not abusing her kids she can be found posting World Star videos and adding insightful commentary like “BEAT THAT HOE UP BABY,” as a child watches in horror as his parents rumble in the kid’s shoes section of Foot Locker.

Then again, to her this is probably normal parenting.

Don’t worry though, her kids might be abused but she’s at least making sure her kids have masks on when they leave the house.

I’d say that this woman should get a visit from DCF, but thanks to Team Lockdown home visits are prohibited so children like this will have to continue to be abused until Karen is done living in fear.


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