Hyde Park Gluten-Free Pagan Woman Upset With Laundromat For Allowing Vaccinated Customers To Not Wear Masks


This is Christine Denise Day from Hyde Park.

She recently drove her bicycle to the Laundry Queen in Hyde Park and was shocked when she got there because some folks were NOT wearing masks!

Oh my goodness gracious! I hope she survives. Masks should not be optional! We must all cater to the irrational fears of the bike lady who’s now going to a different and more expensive laundromat on her bicycle in order to avoid people who don’t wear masks!

Sure, there is a readily available vaccine that the government tells us we should all get and trust, and I’m quite sure that Christine has gotten her jabs. But vaccines aren’t nearly as effective as paper cloths you can purchase at Shaws to cover your breathing holes! You CAN spread COVID when you’re vaccinated, but you CANNOT spread COVID if you’re wearing a mask. That’s just science. If only everyone would just get vaccinated then we could go back to normal, where we perpetually wear masks because the vaccine might not work and the new variant fear porn of the week keeps us scared of other human beings for eternity.

Some people pointed out how it’s no longer mandates to wear masks inside businesses, but that matters not to Christine because she doesn’t trust anyone!

And we should all cater to her feelings.

She apparently used to live in Roslindale and was actively looking for a new roommate to join her “co-op,” so long as they respect her pagan gluten-free lifestyle, her adult son who occasionally sleeps on the futon, her pet tarantula, and sewing room.

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The room went quickly because who wouldn’t want to live with this person?

A few months later she was looking for yet another stranger to move in with her.

Just understand that you must wear your mask at all times in the apartment, even if you say you’re vaccinated because you’re probably lying about that and she understandably doesn’t trust anyone.

I for one am thrilled that we shut down our country for over a year based off of the rational thought processes of people like this, who totally are not suffering from some sort of COVID-related mental illness.


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