I, For One, Am Shocked That Keeping It Real And Going “Free Muh Boi” Turned Out So Poorly For This Young, Ambitious And Distinguished New Bedford Resident

Clearly this young Rhodes Scholar is going places. I'm just so shocked that place ended up being jail.

This is Xavier Marrero of the fine Metropolis that is New Bedford, Massachusetts. Mr. Marrero is clearly an upstanding and scholarly young man – as is reflected by his eloquent word craft. See below.



In addition to writing like a young Charles Dickens while quantifying his FACKS for all his (insert word that does not rightfully belong to him here), Mr. Marrero also wears only the finest garments and head gear available,



Imbibes only the classiest libations known to mankind,


And takes great care to keep a healthy and sound mind so as to be the most productive member of society possible.


He’s also quiet the accomplished and focused career man.


Clearly this successful young fellow is going places, ladies and gentlemen. So imagine my shock and horror to see that when a relative of Mr. Marrero was unfortunately detained and charged by the New Bedford police…..


The place he ended up going was jail, right along with his shitbag cousin, for going far too hard to “free the real”.


New Bedford Guide:

“A man was arrested at the Ash Street Jail late Sunday night after allegedly berating corrections officers, New Bedford police officers and interfering with jail operations.

Two New Bedford police officers were transporting Alberto Marrero to Ash Street Jail around 11:45 p.m. Sunday night. When Ash Street Jail staff opened the security gate to let the New Bedford police cruiser inside, Xavier Marrero (a relative of Alberto Marrero) reportedly entered the sally port and positioned himself under the security door to prevent it from closing. When Admissions Control Officer Omaida Montanez ordered Xavier Marrero to exit the area and back away from the security gate, he allegedly refused to leave and began yelling expletives at Officer Montanez and the New Bedford police officers. The New Bedford police officers got out of their cruiser and approached Xavier Marrero, who finally backed out of the sally port, allowing the door to close and the area to be secure.

After Alberto Marrero was secured inside an admissions cell, New Bedford police officers exited the facility and arrested 23-year old Xavier Marrero and is charging him with disorderly conduct. Xavier Marrero of New Bedford was taken into custody by the New Bedford Police Department, who returned him to the Ash Street Jail as an inmate around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning.”


This guy went so ham on officers for arresting his cousin that he was taken in, too? Surely you jest. He looks so responsible, intelligent and respectful.

You’d have to be Ms. Cleo to see something like this happening! Inconceivable! What kind of witchcraft is this?

I just don’t believe it.

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