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I Made My Debut On The First Ever Gerry Callahan Podcast And We Discussed Impeachment And Whether Or Not Hunter Biden Would Be Fun To Hang Out With


Today was the Turtleboy debut on the Gerry Callahan podcast in the swanky Legacy Club located in downtown Boston. Gerry is a Boston sports radio legend who recently was let go at WEEI after 20 years of service because a millionaire activist harassed the radio station’s advertisers relentlessly after Gerry shared an opinion on 7 year olds transitioning that the activist (Bob Murchison) disagreed with. Since then they’ve brought in the milquetoast programming of Greg Hill, which is probably the least entertaining show in the history of the radio, and the perfect example of why podcasts are the future.

The timing was perfect since Trump was impeached last night and Gerry is an unabashed conservative. However, a lot of people thought we wouldn’t be able to disagree on anything, but we did disagree on one topic – Hunter Biden. Gerry thinks he’s a corrupt person worthy of investigation. I believe it’s OK to investigate him, but at the end of the day Hunter Biden would be a great person to hang out with. He’d be the worst father, husband and/or brother ever, (because he’d bang your wife after you died) and he’s a crackhead who constantly gets bailed out by Daddy, but if you were his friend you’d love hanging out with him because every night would be an adventure.

It’s not set in stone that I’m the permanent guy on this podcast because he’s going to have other guests. But in my professional opinion this was a pretty solid podcast. Listen here.



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