I Talked To Metro Narcisi Today And He Said He Was Lying When He Accused His Wife Of Stealing From Him, Says Someone Hacked Her Facebook And Much More


Metro Narcisi and his wife Kathryn “Failure Swift” Narcisi watched my interview with his brother Vinnie last night on YouTube.

Metro then reached out to Vinnie, who reached out to me to talk about settling this. I of course agreed because that would be in the best interest of everyone. I want to move on from this, as it’s very time consuming and potentially expensive. However, if they insist on pursuing with this ridiculous libel lawsuit, even after she fired her lawyer in court last week, then I will gladly fight it and pursue legal fees against them. I’m done lying down for these people and I will fight back. The message needs to be sent.

So I had a half hour conversation with Metro, assuming that he could be reasoned with and we could move on with our lives. Sadly it didn’t go as I’d hoped. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Metro said he wanted to give me the “facts.” After about three minutes of him telling me that I was wrong about her being sick I realized he didn’t have any facts to give me. He offered no proof of anything, he was just regurgitating everything she had said in various videos and Facebook posts about being sick.
  • He told me it was defamation for me to say she wasn’t sick. I told him that I have no proof that she’s not as sick as she claims to be (yet) but that it was my opinion, based on her documented history of lying, and from speaking to people who have had auto-immune disease and cancer, that she was not telling the truth. He told me that I wasn’t allowed to publish opinions because I’m a journalist. This is the level of stupid we are dealing with.
  • He told me it was defamatory to say she wasn’t in pain. I told him that’s my opinion, and that since he can’t actually feel what she feels, he really has no idea if she’s in pain. As usual, Metro is taking everything she says as fact.
  • I asked about why she had him arrested for domestic violence in February, and as usual he explained that one in a way that made her not seem so bad. He actually blamed her daughter for calling the cops on him, and said he was arrested for taking the phone away from her after she did so.
  • Metro says that she never took a restraining order out against her Dad, but blamed him for coming over his house and causing drama. Both Kathryn and Metro’s brother have stated that she did take out a RO against Metro’s Dad.
  • I told Metro that she blatantly lied about having a stroke, and this could be easily proven. This is what she posted about the doctors:

  • She admits that doctors accused her of faking having a stroke. Metro told me that she had stroke like symptoms, and that the ambulance report said that. I informed him that’s not the same thing as a stroke. Metro himself admitted that she never got a MRI.

  • Metro told me they never asked to be featured on Turtleboy. I pointed out that her video was viewed over 30,000 times, and she specifically asked for people to contact the media.

  • Metro told me that he has spoken with multiple attorneys, all of who said that she has a slam dunk defamation case against me. I highly doubt that happened, but if it did it’s because she likely told them some made up nonsense about me threatening to kill her. There is no defamation in this defamation lawsuit. She’s blaming me for third parties who allegedly harassed her after a blog was published about her. That’s not what libel is.
  • I asked Metro if he knew what libel was and he said he had no clue. I went over the elements of libel, as I’ve been sued for it many times and never lost. I informed him that libel cases are the hardest to prove because of First Amendment protections. I informed him that there has to be untrue statements, of which he has none. I informed him that as an admitted public figure she also must prove malice. I told him that she has to prove damages, which means she must show in discovery her revenue before and after the blogs, AND THEN she must show that specific clients stopped doing business with her because of false content that I personally published on Turtleboy Sports. He had no idea any of this existed but remained steadfast that he was going to win because of the lawyers he supposedly spoke with.
  • Metro threatened me with the Judge and told me that she was on their side because she granted a temporary restraining order. This is why it was so unfathomable that the judge had the audacity to issue a TRO, and didn’t understand that ordering me to take down blogs on a media site was a blatant First Amendment violation.
  • I asked Metro why she fired her attorney Chris Millea in court on Friday. He told me that they believed the State Rep was conspiring with me to get the lawsuit dismissed. She reached this conclusion based on the fact that I took down pictures of his kids and in return he postponed the hearing date to a time when I could make it. I suspect that the lawyer told her to stop posting on Facebook, she took that as him siding with me, and she fired him.
  • Metro admitted that he is paying for this lawsuit, and said he would rather not keep doing that. I tried to reason with him. I told him I don’t think he’s a bad guy, and that this woman has brainwashed him and is draining him of his money. I told him that I’ve been sued for libel before, never lost, and this is by far the weakest lawsuit. I told him that if he continued I would have to hire a lawyer and we would pursue legal fees. If he walked away now he could save money, but he is so brainwashed by this woman that he couldn’t understand this.
  • I told him that in the video that he made several accusations against her. These included the following, which I will be using in court against his wife:

Metro: Katherine, you are mentally ill.

Metro: I know you’re going to the lawyer to try to get him to do the deed.

Metro: Katherine, I know you spent $6,000 on your his and her secrets, and fucking lied and joined Dean Grassiosi for $300.  And fucking $2,000 that you sneaked and taken my money for that other one.

Metro: You freaking took all my money.

Metro: No there’s no your money. I noticed that you have no deposits for the entire month of April. You’ve taken $800 out of the ATM. You’ve given $200 to….”

Metro: Why are you taking my $35,000?

Metro: You lied to me!! You’re a fucking thief.

Metro: There is no mail for your business.

Metro: You are a fucking thief. There is no statement.

Metro: How did I see you send a text to your lawyer saying hurry up and do this because Metro, I’m gonna leave him to take his house, I need the deed done. I’ve read all your stuff Katherine, you’re a fucking sneak.

Metro: We’re sitting here struggling to get by….

  • I told Metro that he accused her several times of stealing his money. He then APOLOGIZED for that, said that he was in the wrong, and told me he shouldn’t have overreacted like that. That’s how brainwashed he is by this woman.
  • I told Metro that if she really loved him she wouldn’t humiliate and degrade him like that. He told me that SHE was the one who was humiliated as a result of that video, and that multiple women texted him shortly afterwards to tell him what a nice guy he was. I told him that was because they felt bad for him because his wife publicly humiliated him on Facebook.
  • He then told me that his wife didn’t post the video, and that her account was hacked. I repeat, Metro wants me to believe that she videotaped herself harassing him in bed, and then someone else hacked into her phone and posted the video on Facebook. He said that he has proof and mentioned something about mirrors and code and tricks. This is what she told him, and Metro believed it. Madness.
  • I told him that she has no damages in this lawsuit because he admitted in that video that her business doesn’t make any money, and actually costs HIM money. He told me that he could prove me wrong with tax returns in court.
  • He told me that it’s illegal to have pictures of “his” kids (at least the 2nd or 3rd adult male they’re forced to call Dad) on the blog. I once again informed him that he is very ignorant of the law, and that he should probably become more familiar with it if he’s going to waste money suing me.
  • I told him that I was told that he had to dip into his 401K to pay for this lawsuit. He didn’t deny it.
  • I proposed that we make a deal to end this and drop the lawsuit, which he said he wanted to do. However, his terms were that I, a) issue a full apology to his wife, and b) take down all the blogs about her. And when I say “his terms,” I’m assuming those directives were coming from her. I have done nothing wrong and will not apologize. As for the offer to take down the blogs, this is extortion. He’s threatening to pursue a frivolous and expensive lawsuit unless I take down factual and/or opinion based content on a website that is my livelihood.

I didn’t pick up on this either, but in this comment she admits that she is the reason he lost his job at North Smithfield High School:

He has allowed this woman to brainwash him, and in doing so has ruined his life and everything he’s built. I do feel bad for him, because he’s an emotionally abused man who in my opinion is being controlled and manipulated by this evil woman. He allows himself to be emasculated and then apologizes and blames himself. But at the same time, Metro is a grown man and is choosing to do this. If I am forced to go through with this lawsuit I will pursue full legal fees, which of course he will be the one paying for. I’d rather not punish him since he’s sort of a victim in all of this, but I’m not going to take one on the chin to protect him either.

Let me just say that any lawyer who takes her money for this lawsuit should be disbarred. Based on her behavior she appears to not be mentally well (obviously I am not a doctor, but I can see when someone is crazy), and any lawyer who looked this over knows there is no case to be made here. The only reason to take it is because they see a woman with Metro’s money, willing to give it to any attorney looking for some work who knows how to draft a complaint. Let it be known to lawyers in Rhode Island – if you take this case, we will expose you. We will write about you, we will research everything about you, and we will blog about you just like we did with Chris Millea. If you’re that unethical, then everyone has a right to know so they don’t hire you in the future. 



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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries
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