If You Keep Your Kids Home From School Because Foreign Bots Posted Fake School Shooting Threats Then You Are A Moron


Across Massachusetts and the entire country hundreds of thousands of parents are keeping their kids home from school today because of online threats made on Tik Tok to shoot up the school.

A middle school student from Charlton was specifically named in one of the posts going around, announcing that he would be shooting up Dudley Middle School.

That’s from Snapchat, not Tik Tok. According to the police the kid’s name was used without his consent and he has no plans to shoot up any schools.

“They may not even know this person or they may have had,” Dowd said. “What I’m saying is that the student mentioned we don’t believe has anything to do with this thing other than his name was used.”

The FBI has determined that none of these threats are credible.

“At this point in time we are not aware of any credible threats to schools in Massachusetts,” Kristen Setera, with the FBI Boston field office, told MassLive. “The FBI takes all potential threats seriously and we regularly work with our law enforcement partners to determine the credibility of any threats. As always, we encourage the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to law enforcement immediately.”

In case you can’t see what’s happening here some Russian bots are showing us how easily they can whip Americans into hysteria. It’s not hard to find the name of a middle school student, put together a post like this on Snapchat, and make it seem “credible.” This poor kid is having his name shared everywhere by adults who are too stupid to know better.

Superintendents and police departments everywhere are firing out emails left and right alerting hysterical parents of the online “threats” and increasing police presence at schools.

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This is probably the safest day you could ever send your kids to school, yet parents everywhere are giving their kids a three day weekend.

Education is both a right and a privilege that kids in other countries don’t have. Yet parents in this country are voluntarily giving that up for a day because words, which have been investigated and deemed to not be credible, appeared on the Internet

There is no hope for a society this gullible and willing to be scared. The Red Chinese know this since they created a virus in a lab that poses no threat to children, allowed it to spread all over the world, then watched as their adversaries voluntarily destroyed their own economies. Coronavirus was the test, and now they know it works. So don’t be shocked when Chinese owned companies like Tik Tok are used as mediums to get Americans to voluntarily keep their kids home from school.

If you keep your kid home from school over this because “you can never be too safe,” then you’re an extremely gullible person and your child’s absence should be unexcused. You actually can be too safe. Not letting your kid ride on a school bus because they don’t have seatbelts would be one example. We really need a good war or something, because we have become a pathetic, sheltered society where people are willing to give up pretty much anything if they believe there is a 0.01% chance they might be in danger.

Oh, and banning Tik Tok isn’t the answer either. These threats are happening on Snapchat and other platforms, and if you got rid of Tik Tok it would keep happening. Maybe try to just not live in fear. Might work.



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