Immigration Attorney Demands Burrillville High School Kids Suspend All Sports For The Year Due To Fabricated Racism Allegations At Volleyball Game Against Central Falls


One of the most egregious examples of fake racism has engulfed the town of Burrillville for the last three weeks, and the injustice the students and the community have endured need to be discussed.

SourcePunishments have been handed out after an alleged racist taunting incident from students in the crowd at a Burrillville High School women’s volleyball game. The spectators, dressed in the colors of the American flag, were accused of demonstrating “cultural insensitivity” toward the Central Falls girls’ volleyball team. At a special meeting of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League on Friday, the Principals’ Committee on Athletics placed Burrillville High School on probation for one year for lack of sportsmanship. 

As part of that probation all students are prohibited from attending the upcoming women’s volleyball game which is next Wednesday Oct. 16. Visiting teams will be escorted through the parking lot by an administrator/supervisor and police will be present in the parking lot after all games. There will also be workshops on cultural competence.

Here’s the initial video that began circulating, showing the alleged racism which occurred at the volleyball game.

As you can see, there was nothing remotely racist that happened there. I’m curious what the yahoos seem to think was problematic.

Was it the “we can’t hear you” chant that literally every high school fanbase does at every sporting event since the beginning of time to mock the opposing fanbase?

Or perhaps it was the fact that American kids were waving American flags (gasp) in America!!

Meanwhile Central Falls supporters are openly endorsing acts of physical violence based off of this non-existent racism in Burrillville.

Nowhere on that video did anyone say,  “this is how you do it in America” or “go back to your country.” But the truth and facts no longer matter when you’re trying to stir up a woke social justice mob.

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This woman was one of the online ringleaders.

Literally none of that happened. It’s all on tape. But to Captain Becky and company that didn’t matter.

This is NOT ok.

So stunning.

So brave.

Thank you for your service.

The Rhode Island Interscholastic League issued a generic statement that they’d be investigating.

And they quickly found out why you never attempt to apologize or appease these mobs.

Because no matter what you do, it will never be enough. So don’t even bother.

The Rhode Island Soccer Association issued a press release demanding that the RIIL suspend the Burrillville soccer teams for the rest of the season.

Canceling a bunch of non-affiliated sports for an entire year because fans waved American flags at a volleyball game certainly seems like a fair and reasonable response.

This is the David Borts, the head of the Rhode Island Soccer Association.

He just so happens to be a radical left wing immigration attorney. His Facebook page is filled with political propaganda, which is fine, but it also means he’s a wing nut who shouldn’t be taken seriously by any serious person. He’s been looking for heads, preferably from children.

In an interview with WPRO, David Borts, the president of the association, which is not affiliated with the Rhode Island Interscholastic League, noted severe punishment is what should be given if there is no resolution or action taken to prevent something similar from happening.

“This is our future and they are the ones who need to learn from this,” said Borts. “And the best I can find out, is there’s been nothing done to take this on head on.”

“Sometimes you have to take a position that wakes people up and that’s what we’ve done,” added Borts.

It never ceases to amaze me how truly incompetent so many Rhode Island attorneys can be. This is a state where Failure Swift finds no problem acquiring representation for defamation lawsuits over hurt feelings after all.

Last week David Ports posted this critique of Facebook for allowing Trump to spread what he considers to be fake news.

Then he shared this.

“Trump is getting Kurds and their babies killed.”

That’s the narrative he and many other warmongering neocons have been pushing so that the United States never, ever leaves the Middle East. I decided to give this story a Google, since I’d never heard of this before. Turns out this guy actually killed his wife and baby before taking his own life.

In other words, David Bort is a fraud who will literally believe anything you tell him, so long as it fits his agenda. He’s against fake news, as long as it’s not his fake news.

The school did a thorough two week investigation, interviewing parents and students from both sides that attended the game. Turns out that not a single racist statement was uttered that night, but yet the school is now on probation for a year, and students have to sit through a “cultural competency” seminar where they will be lectured on how racist it is to wave American flags in America.

In summary, a bunch of gutless hacks capitulated to two liars who made up a story about racism, and now kids are being punished for it and some race baiting hack teaching the cultural competency seminar will profit and continue to maintain employment in the racism-industrial complex.


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