In Belichick We Trust: Tom Brady Is Gone Because It’s What Is Best For The Patriots Moving Forward


By now you’ve heard the news.

I’d say that I’m upset but I’m really not. We were just given 19 years of domination, including six Super Bowls. Making the AFC Championship was a foregone conclusion going into every season for the last decade. That will never, ever, ever happen again for any team. And it happened to us because God loves us more so he gave us Tom Brady. Not only did He give us the greatest of all time, he magically gave him the power to play effectively until the age of 42, which simply doesn’t happen to anyone. We milked at least 2 more Super Bowls out of him, including the greatest Super Bowl performance of all time against Atlanta. There will never be a greater value a customer can get from any business than the value that Patriots fans got from Tom Brady.

That’s all in the past now though. What this showed is that Belichick was willing to do to the GOAT what he’s done to every player he’s ever had – cut bait when they’re not part of the long term solution. Because make no doubt about it, Tom would stay here if they wanted him. Brady isn’t leaving for more money, he’s leaving because he still wants to play football. And I’ve said since day one, if Brady leaves he’s going to Tampa Bay.

Nothing else has ever made sense. I’d swap him for Dak Prescott in a second, but that’s not going to happen. He’s not going to play for the sinking suckbag ship that is the Los Angeles chargers, where he’d have to get murdered by Pat Mahomes twice a year. Tampa has the best best receiving duo in the league, an offensive minded coach who developed Andrew Luck and nearly got Carson Palmer to the Super Bowl, and the weather is good for Giselle. They went 7-9 and would probably be better if they didn’t have a QB who threw 30 INT’s in a year. It’s a great place to play a little more football and keep your wife happy.

As for now, we have to be all in on Teddy Bridgewater.

Jarrett Stidham is ready. They put him in one game last year and he shit his pants. Bridgewater kept the Saints at the top of the standings while Drew Brees was hurt most of the season. I don’t want any gingers, so Dalton is out. Derek Carr blows. Nick Foles, the wound is fresh with that one, plus he’s too much money. Jimmy G? Worst rumor ever. Jameis is a joke. Flacco’s awful. Kessler? Give me a break. Phil Rivers isn’t moving his litter of crotch fruits to New England either.

The only choice is Bridgewater. Get him, then draft (if they have a draft) a QB in the second or third round. Have the new guy compete with Stidham for the backup job which makes both of them better. Teddy is 27, which is exactly the age you want your bridge guy (no pun intended) to be.

God is challenging us right now. The Bruins and Celtics were both poised to make championship runs before Chop Fluey ended the season. Red Sox ownership is a joke and let the MVP walk out the door for nothing. The Patriots dynasty is officially over and we’re back to being a regular team for now. But we still believe, and we know that He will restore us to greatness as long as we keep the faith.


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