Institutional Racism: Majority Black And Brown Schools Force Kids To Mask While White Suburban Schools End Mandate


Governor Baker has ended the statewide mask mandate for children in school, so now it is now up to local school districts to decide if they want to end their practice of state sanctioned child abuse. Out here in Holden our superintendent and Board of Health announced immediately that the kids could remove their masks when the statewide mandate ended on February 28.

No debate. No voting. No masks.

This is why people move to the suburbs. (except Princeton)

Other school districts have not decided yet, but a trend is quickly developing:


Worcester, Boston, and Springfield are the state’s 3 biggest school districts, 3 of the most diverse, and they all have majority minority populations. The mostly black and brown children there will be forced to cover their faces with a useless piece of fabric that no person with a basic understanding of science believes can stop the spread of COVID. They will be unable to breath freely, and they are not allowed basic choice.

Meanwhile, the mostly white kids of the Wachusett Regional School District will be able to remove their masks as soon as they can. According to other parents the mask mandate will likewise be ending on February 28 in the mostly white districts of Tewskbury, Braintree, Billerica, Attleboro, East Bridgewater, Duxbury, Weymouth, Rockland, and Saugus.

Noticing a trend yet? These monsters will continue to punish and abuse children of color, while their white counterparts whose parents could afford to flea those urban hellholes can go back to business as usual.

This is the definition of institutional racism, and it’s brought to you by the ultra-liberal cities where elected officials with no understanding of science pretend to care about black and brown people. Keep your eyes open to see how other districts follow suit. I’m willing to be this will be a theme moving forward. The segregation and discrimination will be more obvious than ever as you see images of white children smiling and black children with their faces covered.

If you still choose to live in a city then that’s your choice. But there are free places that exist, you just have to be willing to leave. Trust me, no one ever regrets leaving. In the meantime, make noise and point out the obvious systemic racism that is being perpetuated as majority minority school districts continue to force children to wear masks against their will.


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