Investigating Hadassah Robeson’s Gan Rivkah Center Part 6: Family Lies, Gypsy Tendencies, Pet Bears, “Missing” Children, Violations Of Privacy


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It’s hard to keep track of all of Hadassah Robeson’s aliases, locations, jobs, and children over the years. She’s been married several times, has between 4-6 children, and has been in the Massachusetts area for just over a decade. This is the most comprehensive list of her comings and goings in the 80’s and 90’s.

As you can see, she mostly lived in Florida, although she traveled to North Carolina and Tennessee during other marriages. She gave birth to an Alexander Robeson at some point before marrying James Richard Perri in 1995 and was married to him for many years. Here’s a picture of her that appeared in the newspaper in 2000, showing Heidi covering her husband’s mouth while having an animated discussion with sheriff’s deputies during the infamous Bush vs. Gore Florida recounts.

Notice they call her a “democratic activist,” even though she claims one of the reason people are coming after her today is because she is allegedly a Trump supporter.

Also notice she has a barbed wire tattoo, which is interesting because tattoos like that are frowned upon in the Jewish community, and Hadassah alleges that she is a devout Jew. Her son Russell/David said she’s not Jewish.

I’m not here to determine whether or not Hadassah is really Jewish, but the fact of the matter is that she has a long and documented history of lying, and the residents are forced to adhere to Jewish dietary customs on Jewish holidays. Nothing about this woman’s customs, clothing, or habits resembles anything Judaic. Although mystery man, owner of both Cedar Street homes, and financial contributor “Doctor” Larry Gochberg does appear to be Jewish.

Those are her kids on the right. Four weeks later I still am no closer to figuring out how he factors into all of this.

It also should be noted that the Chabad Center is just a couple doors down at 34 Cedar Street. They’re well known for their philanthropy and recently raised money for a men’s shelter in Wrentham. Yet they haven’t donated or associated with the alleged Jewish woman a few doors down operating a homeless shelter for women and children. Wonder why?

This is a picture from Hadassah’s now deactivated Facebook page.

I saw a picture of the man on the the left at the Karma Cafe. The children in front are David, Cassandra, and a mystery boy (possibly Alexander). Notice that she’s clearly “photoshopped” herself into the picture. Here’s the real image.

Upon further examination the man on the left appears to be Eric Redd, her oldest son. He is an outspoken conservative running for a sheriff’s seat in Alabama. The fact that she would need to photoshop herself into a picture with him, and that she has no pictures of her grandkids anywhere, is pretty telling.

A 2003 newspaper article out of Florida quotes Hadassah as being worried that her son’s alleged Judaism could put him in danger from snipers while serving in the Persian Gulf.

There is no evidence that Eric is Jewish, and he makes no mention of it anywhere on his social media pages. He is very outspoken against “The Squad” on his Facebook page, but makes no mention of their blatant anti-semitism, which would almost certainly be the first thing a devout Jew would mention while criticizing them.

Nevertheless, Hadassah insists that she is a devout Jew. So devout, in fact, that a source we spoke with claims that Hadassah told them that she forced Vladimir to get circumcised.

Hadassah has a bizarre and mysterious relationship with her remaining family members. Just ask Russell/David.

Here’s what David said about her relationship with her husband Vladimir.

He, like others we’ve spoken with, alleges she’s not blind either.

Here’s what another person tells us about her alleged vision problems.

For 3 years she faked every aspect of being blind right down to literally walking into walls. Convinced him to rent out his home in Tennessee to some people she knew – they ended up squatting and he ultimately lost the place due to moving her up here with no job (his bad decision but he thought he was helping his blind girl friend). She bragged about having 3 kids. Then 5. Then 4. Her stories about her strict Jewish habits were a bit odd as well and didn’t seem authentic- who knows. I thought it was comical to see her singing karaoke and reading the monitor a few years later at what is now Central Street Tavern. 

The daughter Cassandra is another very interesting person.

She’s remained silent in all of this and has kept her Facebook page up. Her mother claims that she’s living with her rent free because she would be homeless otherwise.

She doesn’t have a job, and Hadassah justifies that by claiming that her job is to run the GRC’s social media pages. But in reality all she does is sell donated goods on LetGo and lie to customers about where they came from.

Cassandra has made a lot of interesting Facebook posts about her family over the years. She accused her mother of “manipulating my weak minded brother abusive brother into being angry with me,” says her brother burnt her with a pot, and claimed that her room is under surveillance.

It’s hard to tell who to believe in this family, as it appears as if they’re all just a bunch of lying sociopaths. But Cassandra was pretty adamant that her brother abused her.

She also said that the video footage of her being abused was erased by Hadassah, the entire ordeal was over David and Vladimir buying a video game without Hadassah’s permission, and she describes her mother (who she calls Heidi) as a “sadist.”

   She also says that her mother neglected chickens in her hot, dark garage, something that many other people who have lived there have told us.

This is interesting, because in a 2018 email Hadassah claimed that the GRC had a petting zoo.

But wait, it gets crazier. In 2003, while living in Florida, Heidi was causing problems for her neighbors with her petting zoo:

On one side of a fence in Margate, with a baby on the way and a single large dog, is Shane Flack. He wondered why there was a petting zoo on the other side of his fence. On the other side of the fence, with two sons and a wide selection of animals, is Heidi Robeson. She wondered why anyone would care. Worried about the health hazard possibly created by Robeson’s menagerie, which includes a marmoset monkey, a bear, two Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, a miniature horse, two prairie dogs, three hairless rats, five rabbits and a cockatoo, Flack aired his concerns at City Hall on Wednesday. He also was worried about what might happen if any of the animals got loose. But the odor, he said, is the biggest problem for him and some other neighbors.

“Everyone pretty much is sick of it, but it’s right behind my back yard,” Flack said.

But city officials said Thursday that they knew about the animals and knew most of them were there legally, the exception being the miniature horse. Code enforcement has cited Robeson for the horse, and for having stagnant water, for not having grass in her rear yard and for animal feces causing a foul odor, according to city administrator Len Golub.

A bear. In her backyard. With a miniature horse that drank stagnant water, without any grass. Sound familiar?

This is just what she does.

This story was confirmed by another source who says that she was invited by Hadassah to buy one of the giant rabbits that Hadassah breeds and also keeps in the garage.

And when she said large rabbits she wasn’t kidding they were like these giant rabbits I’ve never seen such big rabbits they were like over $500. She ended up telling us that when she came to Milford from the South she she brought her pet bear with her. She literally had a pet bear.

Another source told us this about her hoarding of animals.

She raises tilapia in stacks upon stacks of tanks, and the place was hotter than hell and REEKED. My friend had to leave, but crazy lady apparently was proud. It was then the cats were noticed…. apparently, the cats go in and out of a bulkhead, and use the cellar as a litter box… I was told you could smell the cat urine standing outside. 

At this point you have to wonder if the animals in this shelter even belong to the residents. Every animal I saw in the house on that day was part of her Florida petting zoo.

Her son “David” puts on a pretty good show, and can come across as somewhat normal. But a source that’s dealt with him says that this is all an act.

David (not his legal name) use to work where I currently work now, and he was verbally abusive to most of the girls that are still currently here. He also injured on of them by slamming her head in the dumpster door and stood over her and laughed while she cried on the ground. He claimed it was an accident. He continues to try and stalk one of the girls through social media as well. 

People that work here are very afraid of David. He was trying to get his job back for a while. Even sending his parents in to try and intimidate into getting him back here. Before I knew how bad he was, I joked that we were short staffed, we should give him another chance, one of the girls immediately started crying. I felt so bad! Then I got the whole story, saw the HR complaints and employee statements against him.

Perhaps this is why he doesn’t have a job.

“David” is also permanently banned from the Turtle Tavern, a popular bar in Milford, thanks to a 2016 incident. He was drunk and aggressive, was asked to leave, refused to, and so the cops were called. When Hadassah found out she drove down there, demanded to know why, then accused the manager of putting his hands on her. We are told she is no longer welcome there either. Nevertheless she came back a third time to ask them to let him back in because he was in her hair and annoying her.  “David” says he’s banned from the Turtle Tavern due to a DUI. 

But I’ve never heard of a bar banning someone because of a DUI. Regardless, if this family is really devoutly Jewish then they are the worst Jews of all time.

Back to Cassandra for a moment. Hadassah and the GRC first came on our radar in June of 2019 when Hadassah posted that Cassandra had gone missing.

The post was shared far and wide, but nothing about it added up.

People began to get suspicious since Hadassah had cried wolf like this for publicity stunts in the past. It certainly was convenient that she could draw attention to herself on the same week that the Bread Bowl Cafe was rebranded as the Karma Cafe.

When a private investigator offered to help (for free) he was taken aback when he found her screaming at Vladimir at the Karma Cafe (as usual). She claimed that Cassandra was last seen at a liquor store and that her son David had taken the van to the liquor store to look at surveillance footage. The PI asked David if she was with anyone in the video, and mentioned going to the store himself to view it, but David got nervous and told him that the store owner probably wouldn’t want to show anyone else.

Meanwhile, Hadassah had access to Cassandra’s laptop, so the PI suggested pinging Cassandra’s phone from her computer. According to him when he arrived at the house it was cluttered with wet junk, and the porch was musty and disgusting. He went to the second floor and said that the stench was so bad that he had to go home and change afterwards. He noticed vape pens and marijuana everywhere, and Hadassah allegedly told him, “don’t tell anyone this but my daughter has a substance abuse problem.”

In his opinion this had all the earmarks of someone willingly going missing. Hadassah let it slip out that the night before Cassandra had gone out drinking heavily, and the PI lost interest in the story. 

Three days later Hadassah texted the PI and said, “they found Cassandra at a hospital, her car is outside, she got drunk and was admitted to the hospital by force.”

But if the cops took her by force then why was her car in the hospital parking lot? The PI offered to go to the hospital, but Hadassah claimed she didn’t know which hospital it was, and hadn’t spoken to her daughter. There are no police records of any sort of investigation into this matter, and it seems like the entire thing was a publicity stunt to draw attention to the rebranding of the Karma Cafe.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time she did something like this. In April of 2018 Hadassah claimed that Trinkets and Treasures was trashed, and used it as a way to rally financial support and attention.

When the people helping her out urged her to report it to the police she refused, even though she has surveillance cameras in the store. Additionally, nothing of value was stolen, and many people we spoke with believe she did this herself.

Hadassah’s LinkeInd page is pretty interesting too. She told me when I questioned what credentials she had to teach a therapy class that she mad a Master’s in psychology. She’s told other people in various interviews that she has her Master’s in other subjects. She also stated in a Milford Daily News 2013 article that that she was a full time PhD student. Yet this is what her LinkedIn says.

She claims to have gotten her associates degree in Marine Biology from the U (Miami, as far as I can find, is strictly a 4 year college, not a community college), then went to nursing vocational school for two years, before getting an online Bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix from 2007-2009. It says nothing about a Master’s Degree.

She claims to have worked as a licensed practical nurse in Florida and North Carolina in the early 1990’s.

She also alleges to have started two businesses prior to the GRC – the ElfQueen’s Dinner Theater and Cafe in Harriman, Tennessee, and Dreamscape Designs in Fort Lauderdale.

There are no records of either of those businesses existing. And the ElfQueens Dinner Theater and Cafe sounds eerily similar to the Karma Cafe. This is likely what she has been doing for quite some time – creating shady “businesses” like this before packing up and moving onto the next town. This is just my opinion based on her past history and behavior.

She also claims to be the owner of a woman’s social networking website (for women only somehow) called Globalclique.com. 

The website does not exist, but here’s how she describes it:

I also am the CEO of a new women’s only internet community. I am currently looking for website designers and creators for GlobalClique.com a subsidiary of EDR inc. Eastern Desert Rose, Inc. (“EDR”) is a Delaware company founded in 2011 with a vision to build a social networking website for women to connect with each other in a safe and nurturing environment. The domain secured for the website is www.globalclique.com (“GlobalClique”). It’s not that Facebook or Google Circles or Myspace couldn’t be in the space that GlobalClique will fill, but they cannot do it exclusively. It’s not that iVillage or Yahoo Shine doesn’t already have millions of unique women viewers each month, but each of those women assuredly also have a Facebook account and still they seek to be a part of one or more additional communities where women principally congregate. There is room in this explosive social media marketplace catering to those women and others for GlobalClique and we will find these women, invite them in, and millions of these women will begin and end each day spending quality time in the GlobalClique world (either through computers or mobile devices). 

This is nothing more than outright delusion. Millions of users? Why would anyone create an a social media platform exclusively for women, and how would you monitor that so that no men got in? Then again, she also runs a women’s and children’s shelter that she admittedly lets men stay in whenever she feels like it. There’s also no trace of any company in Delaware called “Eastern Desert Rose INC” that her website could be a subsidiary of.

But perhaps most alarming of all is the fact that she uses her residents as props to raise money for the GRC, without thinking about the dangers she’s putting them in. The GRC’s Facebook page is filled with posts containing personal information about residents, many of whom she claims are victims of domestic violence. In August of 2017 she posted that she was trying to raise money for a woman and her children to get to Florida after she became the victim of domestic violence.

She then went on Facebook Live, showed video of the woman and her children, and said that she was going to Orlando and needed money.

If this woman really was a victim of domestic violence and was fleeing a violent ex-husband, she was basically giving him a road map of how to find her.

She did the same thing with another woman more recently, taking her to an “undisclosed” location on Facebook Live to escape domestic violence.

She also frequently posts pictures of children staying in her shelter and uses them as props to solicit more donations.

I’m not saying that Hadassah is a gypsy, but everything about the way she lives is similar to gypsy behavior. She moves a lot, she lies about her business ventures, her family is bizarre and in on the scam, and she claims to be Eastern European.

Stay tuned for Part 7 tomorrow – interviews.


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