Investigating Hadassah Robeson’s Gan Rivkah Center Part 7: DCF Refers Women To GRC, Lover/Slave Testimonial, Inspectors Blast Milford Fire Department


      and Part 6 

We’ve had so many people email and message us over the last week since this blog series began that we decided to dedicate an entire blog to our interviews and correspondences with them. Let’s begin with a woman who described herself as Hadassah’s “house b****,” and had a sexual relationship with Hadassah starting in 2010. According to her Hadassah was abusive and manipulative while the woman was going through a custody battle for her kids.

The Lover

For the record this is what a “beard” means.

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As it turns out this woman’s story was accidentally confirmed by a woman whose story was mentioned in part 4, and witnessed their abusive relationship.

Looks like we have a Scissoring Steve Levine situation.


Meeting with volunteer 2017

Hadassah was hitting up the Knights of Columbus for help and I dropped off linens and towels etc. I left the stuff on the front porch and there were other bags there too, her daughter told me that they’d bring the bags in. 

Hadassah said she was opening a consignment shop to sell donated items and have women in the shelter work at the store. I had a meeting about the shop at the shelter and felt uncomfortable because people were living there. Names of residents were splattered all over the doorways. One of the kids living there went to school with my son, and I felt like this was a invasion of his privacy. She had a potential resident on speakerphone, giving out private information

Hadassah spoke disparagingly of the residents – said “they’re filthy, they always break the rules, eat in their rooms,” etc.  She told me that there were accusations of sexual assault by a teen resident against another child, which was a completely unsolicited admission. 

She told me that Vladimir got circumcised as an adult because she’s an orthodox Jew. 

Hadassah was incapable of completing a thought and had “Grandiose delusions” of herself.  She wasn’t listening to anything my girlfriend and I said about how to run a consignment shop, she couldn’t complete a task. 

Hadassah asked us to set up the children’s clothing area of the store, so we did. The next day it was dismantled and spread around, she was supposed to train her son to run the cash register and go to the bank etc, but she focused on ridiculous things. She purchased ridiculous things for the store that they didn’t need like glass shelving, food, balloons, flowers, stuff that made no sense. No one came to the grand opening and store closed quickly after that. 

She also called her parents a lot for money in Florida. 

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Meeting with volunteer 2018

I walked into Trinkets and Treasures and met Hadassah. She told me about the shelter that allowed pets, the only one in the United States, which is not true. Hadassah said that my husband is a “terrible Muslim” because I have a tattoo. 

We offered to help her out because my friend is in the food industry, and gave her advice on how to be ready for the health inspector

In April 2018 I stopped in. Hadassah said that someone had broken in and trashed the place and stolen things, this didn’t add up because the crockpots and other things of value were still there. John from the Masonic Lodge was in there helping her clean up, and he and I were talking. Hadassah didn’t like that she wasn’t in the conversation and she was shooting us nasty looks. 

asked her if she filed a police report, and she said no because “what are they going to do anyway?”

I noticed that she’s the kind of person who wants all the attention on her, and began to suspect that she did it herself since the kitchen was spotless. Three days after the incident in April I was visiting and Hadassah had a “panic attack.” 

At the house donations were sitting outside getting destroyed by the weather. She told me that women coming in had to have a job in 30 days and makes them pay a fee. She had chickens, and has 2 dogs that are flea ridden. 

Hadaassah tole me that her Masters was in landscape architecture, and she constantly pats herself on the back for the things she does (bragged about the toy train at Karma cafe). She also said she was raised in Russia, which I don’t believe. 


Former resident placed there by DCF (yes, that’s a new twist – DCF places women in this house)

I want to thank you for bringing attention to Hadassah and her shelter of horrors. Living there with my then 3 year old daughter was one of the darkest times in my life. I hope one day she gets what she deserves

It was 3 summers ago, DCF Whitinsville placed me and my daughter there to escape a bad situation. I shared a room with an older lady. It was just a twin mattress on the floor for me and my daughter to share. The litter box from the old lady’s cat was at the foot of our bed. The smell was so bad it burned your eyes. I had to send my daughter with relatives as much as possible. On nights she had to stay there with me I would just sit on the end of the bed and cry. I worked so i had to pay Hadassah. If you didn’t work or got SSI to give money to her she would yell at you every day to get a job.

Her kids lived upstairs which was supposed to be a dining hall but we weren’t allowed up there. The kitchen was blocked off and we couldn’t use it. You were only given a crockpot to share with your roommates and canned food. There were no classes or assistance in anyway. You were on camera at all times and she would threaten people with DCF, saying she watches them on the cameras doing nothing all day instead of finding jobs or applying for SSI.

She doesn’t help fill out housing application papers at all. Theres no laundry there either. Also you were only given donations every once in a while that she kept in a chest and you were only allowed to pick one thing.

We all shared one nasty bathroom. The play area advertised for children was disgusting and usually locked. You were basically paying to live in a disgusting cramped one floor apartment with 20 people. You could hear her and her kids fighting and smell marijuana through the cat piss stench.

In the beginning I needed a babysitter for work one night. Hadassah offered but when i came back after work she had given my daughter to a resident that I didn’t consent to. Her diaper wasn’t changed and she wasn’t fed.

If a potential donor was coming we would clean like crazy and hide shit and some people would have to leave during their visit. None of the donations go to the residents. Not even clothes. Occasionally canned food. 

My abuser lived in town but she posted the location on the shelter. It wasn’t safe at all. And even thought I worked nights at a local restaurant I would have to sprint back there after work because if I was later than 10 she’d lock me out for the night.

My “deposit” i had to give her was never given back to me when I left and the clothes and personal items I left there because i couldn’t carry them when I left were never returned to me. I tried getting them a few times and shed just ignore my calls. She was verbally abusive to everyone there except the old lady who paid her the most and had no children. She even told me I’d go to hell for my tattoo. Bottom line she takes advantage of women at their most vulnerable and the place should be condemned.

I told DCF all these things. They did nothing and continue to place people there. I worked with an actual good non-profit for DV victims called New Hope and they said they’ve received tons of reports of the abuse and horrible conditions there and they reported it to the proper authorities but nothing was ever done. I even sent them pictures.

At the time my casework was Alicia. I don’t remember her last name but I can look it up. I told her and her supervisor. They pass you around so I had 3 different case workers and 2 different supervisors.


Another resident placed there by DCF in 2014

2014 was a BAD year for me. My life is now 100% different. I’m married, own a home, etc. I honestly thought she would continue to get away with everything because who’s going to believe me over a woman who has done so much for the community? Since this story has broke, I’ve tried to remember the awful shit I went through there, but I’ve blocked most of it out. She knew I needed to stay there so she used that as her weapon. 99% of the time, I just had to deal with it because I was in a tough position and had to do what I had to do. But after I left, i talked with my social worker from DCF about it since they sent me there, and she agreed she was nuts and told me she wouldn’t be recommending anyone else to go there. 

I’m never want sympathy. I got myself into that situation and had to do what I had to do for my kids. I just wish my kids didn’t have to go through it. But I’m a better person for it. I’m just glad everything about the place and the way Hadassah is, is finally coming to light. I’ve honestly never met a person like her. She would put on this front when other people were around and it made me sick. Like in the video when she hugs the resident that is there. And everyone is “Precious”. When I was there her daughter was living downstairs and her son lived upstairs. Her son literally NEVER left the house. It was creepy. And we didn’t have a kitchen to use at all. Hadassah would “cook dinner” for everyone every night. But ONLY vegetarian stuff which is GROSS. Especially with 2 young kids that just wanted regular food. I would go to 711 to buy them food and would buy deli meat and stuff for our mini fridge that I could feed them. But I could only get them stuff that didn’t have to be cooked. Probably by day 2 I knew she was crazy. 

My mother actually made a donation while i was there, my mom understood what kind of person she was but wanted to see how it would go. That night she ordered a BUNCH of stuff from Dominos for dinner. I was thankful for the regular food but knew she only did that because my mom made a donation. 


A third allegation of DCF referring women there

I’m folowing your Milford story.  I would like you to know DCF sent women and children to her filthy  shelter. The Plymouth DCF worker’s name is Samantha Bernell (spelling?). It’s too bad you couldn’t go undercover  to expose her. 


Former resident

Yes I’m approved but my amount is 0. She also doesn’t keep her own food in the refrigerator at the “shelter “ she comes over to see what everyone is doing and leaves.. I asked for a bottle of water the first day I was there she told me I could go buy one. We couldn’t even take showers until I went to my storage unit to get towels. Nothing is provided like she claims. The residents are to buy cleaning supplies. To do laundry you go to a laundromat. There’s no counseling. There are no programs. There are no case management from any one besides her. The first night I was there she had us stay in the room while she had everyone else go to the living room and told them she was having trouble with people in town and was crying etc.

She did it the same day she had us leave. She constantly talks down to you or bullies you every time you speak to her. XXXX room was through the room we were in. The room across from the kitchen was XXXX and her son and she had two dogs 5 rats and guinea pigs. The day I got there it smelled like catbox cat pee, garbage, and death. She claimed it’s because the catbox needed cleaning and someone forgot to bring the garbage out


Customer at the Bread Bowl Cafe

My husband and I went to the Bread Bowl Cafe during summer of 2018. We are both vegetarians and excited to try this place as we also just moved to Milford. When we arrived I was shocked at how cramped it was. There was a group of three or four sitting at a table near the window, so we were seated at the bar in front of the kitchen. I believe Vladimir seated us and then disappeared. Hadassah waited on everyone and cooked the food, and blamed the extremely long wait on someone calling out sick. It took forever getting our drinks. At one point we were going to leave, but Hadassah insisted the food would be ready soon and kept blaming it on how short staffed she was. I think we waited at least an hour or an hour and 15 min for our food.

She also said she makes everything from scratch, which is why it took longer to receive our food, so I felt bad and decided to stay. I figured the wait would be worth it. When we got our food, it was a huge disappointment. I ordered the rosemary potato soup in a bread bowl, and it seriously was like eating rosemary water. It was disgusting and lukewarm, and it randomly came with tortilla chips and some sort of potato salad on the side. The potato salad was an oil salad, which they could’ve bought from a deli at the grocery store. My husband got the vegetarian chili, and it was definitely the chili he gets in a can made by Worthington or Loma Linda canned vegetarian food. His side of tortilla chips wasn’t as random with his chili, but we could’ve heated up that chili at home as we keep that chili in stock.

I barely ate mine, so my husband shared his with me even though we both knew it wasn’t homemade. I peaked behind to see the kitchen while Hadassah was waiting on others and did see cans of food. You think she would’ve taken something off the bill or given us something else for the long wait. I should’ve said something about how my soup was awful, but I didn’t want to wait for another crappy meal. We always laugh when we drive by that place. So, when my sister told me you were investigating H, I was intrigued and have had my eyes glued to each new blog. I definitely think Vladimir went out and picked up food at a grocery store while we were eating, which would attribute to the long wait.


Health inspector for another town

I’m a Health Inspector and am appalled by this story because the State Sanitary Code is pretty clear on the minimum standards of human habitation. I just wanted to offer any help if you want it from a Health Inspector’s POV.


Restaurant equipment salesman

I sell restaurant equipment. I am in and out of restaurants and deal with health inspectors and fire marshalls everyday. There is no way that kitchen is allowed to serve food to the public. It is all residential equipment, there is no exhaust hood or ANSUL system. She needs a 3 bay sink, a hand sink, and separate prep sink. While the regulations do vary from town to town based on how the inspector interprets the rules, the basics are the same everywhere. And she doesn’t have the basics in place. 


Inspector who claims the Milford Fire Department isn’t doing their job




It’s simply unforgivable that the town of Milford allows this to continue. Two sources told us that she kept a woman as a virtual slave in the house. Two sources have told us that the Fire Department was neglectful when inspecting her “restaurants.” Multiple former residents are telling us DCF sent them there. Every former resident we spoke to has said that Hadassah was abusive, and never provided any of the things she advertises to donors. Every person we’ve spoken to describes her behavior and personality in the exact same way.

It’s pretty telling that since this story began over a week ago not one person has come forward to defend Hadassah, despite her alleged decade of work helping thousands of women in crisis. Even the lowest criminal we profile has at least a couple defenders. Hadassah has nobody defending her, but plenty of people enabling her, from the Town Administrator, to the Board of Selectmen, to the Fire Department, and finally to the Milford Daily News who has yet to report on this story going on in their own town.



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