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Investigating Hearing Youth Voices Part 1: Activist Group Uses Students To Attack Well Respected New London AP History Teacher For Teaching About Government Executions


Here’s a story out of New London, CT that’s enraging because it involves a dedicated, well respected high school history teacher being attacked by a Fascist PC mob of SJW douchebags. Here’s the TL;DR if you didn’t click on that link:

  • Experienced AP History teacher Fred Driscoll, a well respected Navy veteran and veteran educator, was secretly recorded by students saying something offensive in November 2018
  • In the recording, which was a hands on lesson about the use of hanging in executions and how they were done as humanely as possible in American history, he is heard saying, “The rope has to be soaked in water for a certain period of time so it has a little bit of elasticity to it, and the knot has to be tied properly. The knot has to go between the right vertebrae, so when you drop, it snaps your neck and it kills you automatically.”
  • Students (some graduated and some still enrolled in NLHS) have come forward with unconfirmed anecdotes about Driscoll saying things like, “women shouldn’t be able to vote and their place is at home and in the kitchen,” and that he wouldn’t be seen by a female doctor, none of which has been proven
  • The allegations were brought forth by a group that claims to be student run, called Hearing Youth Voices (which sounds like a nonprofit but I can’t find anything that verifies that they are one), which gets massive amounts of donations and grants from progressive organizations, and is run by adults
  • Students in this group, who appear to be propped up by the adults, claim that they feel “unsafe” in Driscoll’s class, demanded that he be fired, and saw to it that he was placed on paid leave since November 5, 2018

  • Hearing Youth Voices put out a statement saying “Historically, lynching was used as an extrajudicial means to murder Black people and was undoubtedly the acts of mobs to exercise hate and anti-blackness,” even though the lesson was on state sanctioned executions, not mob lynchings of black people.
  • The NAACP got involved and wrongly suggested that he was teaching kids how to tie a noose for a lynching
  • After nine months the investigation was completed, Driscoll was found to have done nothing wrong, and he is returning to work for this school year
  • The outrage mob is still upset and some parents are demanding their kids be pulled from his class
  • School Board member Jason Catala trashed Driscoll after the investigation was completed by saying, “As a father, I would request my daughter not be in that class. But as a board member and trusting in the investigation, I am comfortable with the decision.”
  • One of the students who complained about Driscoll said that she didn’t feel safe in his class because he “reminds me of Donald Trump”
  • The African-American football coach Juan Roman, who has had two sons go through his class before going on to Yale, has fully supported him: “I’m not a gray area guy. I feel it’s as plain as day people are making something of this it isn’t. As an African-American male, I’m all for minority empowerment but this is garbage. All of a sudden he’s a racist? No one came forward before this.”
  • Driscoll has become a target of New Haven Antifa, a terrorist group that uses violence on anyone they perceive to be right wing.

This story is personal for me for several reasons.

I was a high school history teacher for 9 years. To see this man’s reputation get dragged through the mud like this is enraging. He did nothing wrong, and there was nothing wrong with the lesson he taught. Teachers don’t make a lot of money, and they enter the profession because they genuinely want to help kids learn. Hundreds of his former students have come forward saying great things about how he has affected their lives. This isn’t some rich banker they’re going after. They’re attacking an elderly middle class educator and trying to prevent him from finishing his job with dignity.

The students are being manipulated by this well-funded activist group. Here’s their choreographed video reaction to the news that this dedicated, 67 year old veteran won’t lose his livelihood over their self-perceived victimhood.

“We have received zero information about the third party investigation.”

You are an irrelevant special interest group attempting to profit off of children. You aren’t owed any information on personnel matters in the public schools.

“We are outraged.”

Not the students – the adults running this special interest organization.

These children are being brainwashed into being victims. Just look at this sad display.

They’re being taught how to pretend to be sad. They’re not victims in any way, shape, or form, but yet they’ve been choreographed by adults to read off of a script about how victimized they are by this man. A couple of those kids could barely read the words on the papers they were given. If these kids are in AP History then they’re being set up for failure. If they’re not in AP History it means they won’t ever have him as a teacher to begin with.

They don’t even know what this guy did wrong, which is why they have to read off of sheets that adults provided for them. The anecdotes they tell aren’t even remotely believable either.

“His class is not a safe place for color, especially a girl of color.”

It’s an AP history class. If you cry about learning how hangings worked, when hangings were a regular part of the American judicial system throughout our country’s history, then you’re clearly not intelligent enough, or emotionally mature enough to be in an AP class. You really should just wrap yourself in bubblewrap and never leave your house at all.

“Mr. Driscoll said to me the 19th Amendment should not exist, because women are not quite educated enough to make the right choice, and they should be happy with their husband working and giving them money when they stay home.”

I guarantee he never said anything like that. It’s not even remotely believable, and at this point it’s a third hand story from years ago. They just force children to read it because Parkland has taught us that children are the most effective way that radical left wing organizations can push their message.

“All of the things that you heard have been said by Fred Driscoll. Do we really want this man in our classroom? If the investigation was inconclusive, do they believe the students were lying, or do they think this behavior is acceptable in our classroom? Think about that and let it sink.”

This is infuriating. His name is Mr. Driscoll. He’s been a teacher at the school since before everyone in that video was born. You don’t call him “Fred.” When this is done he will continue to be a teacher at the school, and you will show him the respect he has earned. If he sees you in the hallway without a pass you will call him Mr. Driscoll, not Fred.

And no, the school board doesn’t believe students were lying, they just can’t fire a unionized teacher without cause because he’d sue them for millions of dollars. They’d obviously like to, which is why the school board threw him under the bus, and the superintendent cowered to this mob in the first place. They won’t say the students were lying, but I will, so will anyone else with common sense.

This is Lewis Paine, Mary Surratt, George Azterodt, and David Herold.

The four of them were involved in the plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. All of them were white. When three of them were hung their necks snapped and they were immediately killed. Paine’s neck was too strong and he choked to death. After that the government developed new techniques to kill more humanely. This is an appropriate historical lesson to teach kids about justice in the 1800’s.

It has absolutely nothing to do with lynching black people. Mobs who hung black men without trials in the 1800’s did not care if the person they were hanging suffered while doing so. To suggest that this lesson was somehow hurtful to people of color is ignorant and shows a complete lack of understanding of American history.

Another question – why was secretly recorded audio allowed to be used as a basis for this investigation? If a teacher were to do that to a student they’d be arrested for violating federal wiretapping laws. There aren’t cameras in classrooms for a reason. Any student who secretly tapes their teacher in order to go after their job should be suspended. Get a warrant like everyone else has to.

I did some research into Hearing Youth Voices to find out what they were all about, and it was eye opening what I discovered. However, it necessitates a Part 2, so you’ll have to stay tuned until tomorrow to read it.


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