Investigating Hearing Youth Voices Part 2: Activist Group Attacking New London Teacher Brainwashes Kids With Violent Threats Against Jews, Gets Funding From Soros Foundation And Bank Of America


Read Part 1 of this 2 part series by clicking here

In Part 1 we got into the news about an AP History teacher in New London who just was exonerated and came back to teaching after a nine month witch hunt into his classroom comments. He did nothing wrong in explaining to kids how humane executions were done by the government in the 1800’s, and was secretly recorded by a student who was propped up by an organization known as Hearing Youth Voices. Part 2 is largely about HYV, which is what I would describe as an evil organization that profits off of destroying the lives of innocent people while hiding behind a mask of social justice.

I did a little investigating into this group by looking through their website. They’re led by four adults, and they use these kids as props to attack great teachers like Fred Driscoll. One of their founders was “artivist” Genesis Cubilette, whose Facebook page lists her as a “Planned Parenthood Intern.”

The organization makes money off the merchandise she designs, which can be found on their website.

“100% of all proceeds are invested back into programs for young people.”

Translation – this pays for the overhead costs for adults who are using children as pawns to attack dedicated teachers.

Chelsea Cleveland is the program director, and describes herself as a “Black feminist queer & non­-binary gender sci­fi visionary/revolutionary.”


She does so un-ironically. According to her bio her entire “career” has been involved in “activism,” which of course means she bounces from nonprofit to nonprofit, grifting gullible socially conscious people with deep pockets by repeating the right buzzwords, in order to avoid getting a real job.

The Admin Director is Laura Burfoot, a Smith College grad who has checked her privilege.

As you can see, her bio suggests that Smith College radicalized her into believing that things she perceived as normal growing up were in fact examples of systemic oppression of people who don’t look like her.

She seems to be in charge of recruiting children to join the organization, so that she can hide behind them and profit of their brainwashing.

In November of 2016 she asked for people to vote for Hearing Youth Voices so they could win a $50,000 grant from Bank of America. According to her the money would “help us continue to develop young leaders who are courageous enough to take a stand against racism and discrimination they face in schools.”

In other words, their goal is to teach these kids that they are victimized by racist teachers, who she has never met, so that she can make money off of it. And it worked

This is what the racism-industrial complex looks like in action.

The final leader of HYV is Maya Sheppard.

She recently posted a book she was reading on Facebook entitled, “Training School for Negro Girls.”

Maya is the leading person involved in attacking Mr. Driscoll. She’s been blatantly dishonest about his lesson, and has been advertising for students to come forward with unconfirmed allegations because she just feels like ruining a man’s life evidently.

“Help us get justice in Teacher Lynching lesson! We know you all have more examples of this teacher crossing the line. Please report them,” the note on the website states. Maya Sheppard, the youth organizer for Hearing Youth Voices, said 10 people have already come forward to report past experiences with Driscoll.

“We’ve heard reoccurring stories of what’s happened over the years … things like women shouldn’t be able to vote and their place is at home and in the kitchen,” Sheppard said. Sheppard said she’s heard from some that Driscoll has said to black students in the past that the only way they could get into good colleges is through affirmative action.

“We’re calling for him to be removed from the classroom permanently,” she said.

On their Facebook page they’ve quoted Didi Delgado, a well known, racist con-artist, who forces white women to pay her reparations every Friday.

The same woman who raised $12,000 with a GoFundMe for a new car, and forced her white women cult followers to finance it after going on an exotic Caribbean vacation with previously donated money.

This is the same woman who refused to help a homeless white woman follower of hers, because she was white.

The same woman who published articles on entitled, “In Defense of Punching Cops,” and another one in which she urged readers to kill their rich white uncle to steal his inheritance so they can give it away to a black woman as a form of reparations.

An organization that follows and quotes a dishonest, vile grifter like Didi Delgado has influence on personnel decisions in the New London Public Schools.


On their website under “Trainings,” they explain a class they use to brainwash students with anti-semitic, anti-police propaganda.

Two things. First, it’s been proven by an Obama Justice Department investigation that Michael Brown never had his hands up and tried to steal a cop’s gun before getting shot. The fact that this group is allowed to go into the schools and teach kids blatant lies like this is unfathomable.

Secondly, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” is one of the most anti-semitic sentences in the English language. It’s the Palestinian call for the genocide of the Jewish population in Israel, so that Palestine can regain sovereignty in the Jewish state. Marc Lamont Hall lost his job at CNN for saying this, which is almost impossible to do at that network.

Jewish groups have loudly condemned the use of this slogan, since it calls for the murder of Jews in Israel.

There can be no doubt about it – Hearing Youth Voices is an openly anti-semitic group that is repeating language that calls for the killing of Jewish people. It is outrageous that this group is being allowed to smear an innocent man.

After the Parkland shooting last year the group of adults who runs the organization announced that they were urging kids to walk out of school to protest not just for gun control, but that their teachers “look like us,” so that they can “understand where we’re coming from.”

This is racist in an of itself because it suggests that all black people have the same cultural experiences. Ascribing a belief system or set of behaviors to an entire race of people is the definition of racism.

They also demand that police be taken out of schools, which seems like a backwards request in light of the Parkland shooting. The data shows that kids are far less likely to be suspended with a resource officer in the building, and far more likely to develop a positive relationship with the police. A town council meeting with 20 people attending has a cop present, so obviously a school with 1,500 kids, many of who are legal adults and prone to violence, should also have a cop present.

HYV has brainwashed kids into believing that their teachers and the police are racists who are out to get them. Police officers and teachers exist to help teach and protect students of all colors. Anyone teaching kids to the contrary is doing them a disservice, and certainly has no business involving itself in school policy.

They’ve held protests for abolishing ICE.

“Fighting for a world where we are all FREE.”

“Fighting for a world where black people aren’t put behind bars.”

What about black people who commit murder, rape, or other felonies? Should this group be teaching kids that no one should go to prison if they are black?

They’ve hosted three hour workshops about “black queer feminism.”

Along with others in their “stay woke workshops.”

This hateful, bigoted, anti-semitic group that uses children and destroys innocent people’s lives in order to line their own pockets is well funded too. We saw the check from Bank of America above, but they also get grant money from a variety of other sources too.

Of course Ben and Jerry’s is on there. Chik-fil-A gave money to a pro-traditional marriage group 10 years ago and they still get attacked for it. Ben and Jerry’s continuously gives money to hateful, violent organizations and no one bats an eye.

All of these organizations give out massive amounts of cash to any group that spews the right buzzwords. Read about any of them in these links:


And of course they get money from the ultimate sugar daddy of radical protesters everywhere – George Soros.

They also get help from State Representative Anthony Nolan.

He invited them to Hartford and encouraged them to lobby for legislation that mandates students take classes on black and Latino history, and they were successful in their endeavors. Once again, HYV hid behind the children they’ve brainwashed.

This student was force fed a lie:

“The only history taught regarding people that represent us is their demise and struggles, not their success.”

That’s just blatantly untrue and misleading. I taught US History for 9 years. Black people in our country’s history have been systematically oppressed and discriminated against by the government. Of course most of the history involving black people is going to involve their demise and struggles. But aside from that, I used to teach kids about W.E.B. Dubois, Booker T. Washington, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Freedom Riders, the Little Rock 9, and countless other black people who overcame oppression and made significant contributions towards equality that didn’t exist prior to their coming about. History isn’t pretty, it’s not the teacher’s job to create a safe space by avoiding teaching you about historical subjects that make certain students feel uncomfortable.

These people are beyond ignorant, and it’s pathetic that the New London superintendent and school board were so cowardly and frightened that they’d be the next ones falsely labeled as racist, that they refused to stand by a dedicated teacher. Instead they let an activist group and parents like Angela Franceschi drag an innocent man’s name through the mud.

“I am the adult right now.”

That’s debatable.

No kid was actually terrified about learning how hangings worked. An activist group told them they should be terrified by it because they’re trying to teach the only thing black kids can ever be are victims. If your kid is “fearing” a 67 year old teacher because of the way he teaches, then you have completely failed as a parent.

According to Angela she is demanding that her son be removed from his class.

But here’s the thing. She’s a former CNA,

Who gets arrested for driving without a license

And she refers to herself as “Queen” and “Thickems” while exposing her hairy mid-drift on Facebook.

I got news for you Angela – your kid isn’t going to ever be put in AP anyway, so you won’t have to remove him.

Activist groups like Hearing Youth Voices are nothing more than organized and well funded bullying groups. They use baseless allegations of racism as a weapon to destroy people, and they get away with it because people like the superintendent are afraid to stand up to them. But we’re not, and it’s my pleasure to expose people like this for being the grifters that they are.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries
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