Ipswich School Nurse Files Complaint With Town Administrator After Rowley Police Post Columbus Day Poem On Columbus Day


Yesterday was Columbus Day, which has become the most controversial day off in our country. Liberal towns and cities have renamed it Indigenous People’s Day, and conservatives and Italians for the most part refuse to partake. My thoughts on the controversy are as follows:

  • Christopher Columbus was a flawed man and product of his time who saw nothing wrong with racism and slavery. He enslaved and killed natives, and that was a horrible thing, but it was how things were done at the time. If you’re going to get rid of Columbus Day then we need to get rid of President’s Day (a whole bunch of them owned slaves and almost all of them were racist) and any other holiday that celebrates people from a different era who held viewpoints that are no longer socially acceptable. I refuse to participate in anything that erases historical figures who contributed to the advancement of our society.
  • Columbus (and other Europeans) took land from Native tribes using violence because historically that’s how land has been acquired. Native American tribes killed rival Native American tribes to acquire land for centuries before Columbus arrived. The geographical lines drawn in Europe have changed so much over time, and almost all of it was caused by war.
  • Calling it “indigenous peoples day” is equally as offensive. Many indigenous tribes did human sacrifices, used slavery themselves, and killed women and children during wars.
  • Columbus had bigger balls and contributed more to the world than any of the blue haired losers trying to erase him. He traveled across the Atlantic Ocean without any coast guard or Navy, knowing there was a good chance he and his crew would die from starvation or disease.
  • If European colonizers did not set up colonies in this half of the world then they never would’ve been introduced to western advancements in healthcare and technology. Access to these things drastically increased the standard of living and life expectancy of people in the Americas. Leaving half of the world in the dark and without access to medicine and vaccines would be cruel.
  • Not a single person living today would be willing to give up the land they live on to Native Americans, therefore the gesture of calling it indigenous people’s day is empty and meaningless.

It was tempting to jump into these arguments yesterday but I tried not to waste too much time on it. However, every time an organization posted “Happy Columbus Day,” or “Happy Indigenous People’s Day” it led to a plethora of predictable comments from people who suddenly became history experts by reading about Howard Zinn on Wikipedia. One of the more interesting posts I saw was this poem from the Rowley Police Department.

Obviously that poem leaves out a lot of Columbus’ legacy, but it’s just a poem they used to announce that town offices were closed for Columbus Day. Only someone with way too much time on their hands would lose their shit over this, but that is exactly what happened.

This is Jon Stafford.

As you can see he is a grown male who dyes his hair pink and blue, so there’s really no need to take him seriously. He’s the school male nurse at Winthrop Elementary School in Ipswich, and he appears to be obsessed with Donald Trump, Star Trek, COVID, war mongering about Ukraine, and the British Royal Family.


He also likes to virtue signal on town Twitter accounts about how he got the jab.


And he uses his nurses office to promote “women’s empowerment” by putting up posters of imaginary superheroes, so that girls can aspire to one day be fictional cartoon characters, and to do fun Bernie stuff.


Predictably, Jon was not happy about the Rowley Police post.

Uhoh! He reported it to the Town Administrator! And his grandfather died in the line of duty, so they’re gonna take his complaint seriously!

“It’s the reason we call it Indigenous People’s Day now.”

Who’s we? I never stopped calling it Columbus Day and never will, largely because I don’t jump on the latest fad that the blue haired mafia is trying to shove down my throat. But if you’re referring to the town of Rowley you are also wrong. The following communities in Massachusetts call it Indigenous People’s Day:

Amherst, Arlington, Bedford, Belmont, Brookline, Cambridge, Easthampton, Falmouth, Great Barrington, Holyoke, Marblehead, Mashpee, Maynard, Melrose, Newton, Northampton, Provincetown, Salem, Somerville, Wellesley.

Most of those are run by communists, but the other 331 towns and cities still call it Columbus Day. Good luck with your complaint though.

He then posted it on his own page this morning, complaining that he found it offensive and urging people to report it to the Facebook Gods for hate speech.

Imagine being a grown man and crying this much about your town police’s Facebook post? He appeared to post this during school hours, which I’m pretty sure would be a violation of the district’s social media policy, but I’m not gonna encourage people to report him because I’m not a whiny blue haired loser like Jon.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a happy Columbus Day. Same time next year!


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