Jamaica Plain Drug Dealer Arrested For Shooting Films 9 Year Old Boys In Gangsta Rap Video, Takes Topless Photographs In His Apartment


This is Jonathon Lopez, AKA Jay Wavey, from Jamaica Plain.

Take a wild guess what he does for a living.

Chinstrap, Jordans, saggy skinny jeans, Hennessy hallway glamour shots, and no savings account. I reckon this young man is eyeing some of Diego’s corners, but he likely won’t live to be 30 so it doesn’t really matter what his future plans are anyway.

Jay Wavey was arrested by Boston Police on March 2 for a non-fatal shooting in Jamaica Plain.

But luckily for him he lives in Suffolk County where Road Rage Rachael Rollins is in charge of law and order, so he was out in no time because bail is racist, or something.

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Now he’s back doing what he always wanted to do when he’s not busy selling drugs – producing rap music on YouTube. The problem is that he can’t find anyone his own age to play along with him so he had to recruit two boys who appear to be about 8 or 9 years old, and he made this lovely video entitled “WE BACK” featuring ample usage of the n word, references to killing people, gang references, and drug dealing.

This is child abuse. You put these two kids in a nice home in Lexington and they could grow up to be anything they want to be. But instead they were born to people who don’t really care about their well being, so they look up to maggots like this as a role model.

Borriqua Bunghole here thinks he’s got life figured out because he’s paying cash to live in section 8 housing with no furniture and random wires all around the apartment. The only thing that matters to people like this are the chains on their neck, the Jordans on their feet, and mid-grade shwagg they peddle to make it look like they sell more than just heroin. Now these two kids will grow up to be just like him. They are being taught that what really matters in life isn’t going to school, getting a good job, and being a good father. That’s all mad wack. What really matters is always having at least $600 on you in case a camera pops in front of your face.

Giving the middle finger for absolutely no reason.

Finding cop cars to dance in front of.

Glamorizing murder.

And dry humping air.

My question is, how much Daddy issues can a woman have if she ends up as a background singer in a pre-pubescent gangsta rap video.


Jay Wavey also did some topless behind the scenes videos with the two boys at his apartment, which isn’t creepy at all.

“All of my n***as is gang”

No, all your n***as is watching Sponge Bob young man.

Jay Wavey can consider himself “gang” all he wants, but at the end of the day he’s just a pedo groomer who brings 9 year old boys to his house so they can take their shirts off and he can photograph their underpants.

The only adults worse than him are the boys’ parents, who clearly want their children to grow up to be drug dealing gang bangers, and then will whine about racial profiling while they do everything in their power to be profiled. When they end up in jail Ayanna Pressley will tell us its systemic racism, but it’s just shitty parenting.


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