Jared Sherman Told WBZ Several Lies About How He Saved Victim’s Life After Plymouth Jet Ski Accident, Internet Lawsuits In The Works


The other day we wrote about the young woman who was involved in a jet ski accident in Plymouth, and was reportedly rescued by a volunteer firefighter from Milton after she was allegedly left there by Wareham native Jared Sherman.

According to the victim’s mother, her daughter had just met Jared Sherman who offered to take her out for a ride. She pleaded with him to return to the shore, he refused, they ended up crashing into another jet ski, and she was left there in the water. Now Jared, who has a long and documented history with drug abuse and the law, is claiming that he’s completely innocent to WBZ:

Questions remain surrounding the discovery of a teenage girl who was found unconscious in the water after a jet ski accident in Plymouth. Investigators say the 19-year-old’s friends left her behind after the accident. The man who was on the jet ski with her told WBZ-TV that’s not true. When 19-year-old Talia Morini got on, he gave her his life jacket, and let her drive. Jared says the next thing he knew, he saw a blur, and woke up in the water.

“At first we were unconscious but I was holding on to her,” Sherman said. “I guess that’s when the guys on the boats started heading out there. And then I guess I came to my buddy said, and I was trying to hold her above water.”

Stop right there. He was unconscious and holding on to her? If you’re knocked unconscious you don’t hold onto anything. You just lie there, because you’re not conscious. Then magically he regained consciousness and saw his unnamed “buddy” there, while he was trying to hold her above water, which he would not have to do since she was wearing a life preserver.

Oh, and let’s forget his previous statement – when he was rescued by his friends he was in the process of drowning because being the gentleman that he is, he gave her his life jacket.

He was unconscious without a life jacket and didn’t drown. Remarkable. Yet the Milton firefighter who quite possibly saved her life didn’t mention any of that.

An off-duty Milton firefighter, who did not want to be identified, got Talia onto his boat.

“And then when we saw the other side of the jet ski, we saw that she was floating, but she wasn’t really, so we just pulled her up, held C-spine, kept her airway open,” the firefighter said.

He also says that he was physically injured, which paled in comparison to the injuries to his feelings which came from reading the mean things people were saying about him on social media.

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Talia Morini was MedFlighted to Boston with serious injuries. Sherman says he had a concussion, fractured jaw, and a collapsed lung. But what hurts more, he says, are the social media posts condemning him, despite he says, his efforts to keep Talia’s head above water.

He had a concussion, a fractured jaw, AND a collapsed lung, but yet he’s not in the hospital and was in good enough health to conduct an interview with WBZ? That’s not how any of this works.

According to his friend DJ Abbott, Jared Sherman should be in the hospital because his face is “sideways,” but instead he’s hanging out with DJ and talking about how concerned he is for the victim.

It’s common knowledge that addicts are expert liars. Yet many in the All Things Plymouth group claim that we now owe Jared Sherman an apology, because apparently his word is sacrosanct.

Paging Attorney Richard N. Vulva!

No Tammy, Jared is not owed an apology. Everything we reported was accurate and came from witness statements, including Jared himself. These people have been waiting for the day they’d finally catch TB Daily News in a lie, and they failed miserable. Better luck next time Tammy.

According to others, we are not to be trusted because we are NOT an investigative reporting outlet.

Feel free to ask the Boston Globe or the State Police if they think we’re a legitimate investigative media outlet. I think you’ll see that we actually do our homework. And in this case we didn’t just hear from the mother, we spoke with other witnesses. This includes Jared Sherman himself, whose story was filled with easily disprovable lies (like the fact that he says he was unconscious without a lifejacket in the water and was holding her up).

They kept insisting that the firefighter found a man with her when he went out to save her.

That’s because WBZ initially quoted the firefighter as saying that there was another man with her in the water.

However, according to Jared’s story, he was unconscious in the water without a life vest on, AND he was picked up by his friends who brought him to shore. The firefighter said there was only one person with her, which contradicts his story again. Either way, it doesn’t matter because WBZ has now retracted that statement, and taken it out of their article. So currently there are no sources reporting that a man was with her, and WBZ went out of there way to make sure of that.

According to Wicked Local, witnesses saw the two jet skis driving dangerously.

Hunter said officials believe the jet skis were together and the two operators had been fooling around and spraying each other with water when the crash occurred. “It’s probably one of the most dangerous things you can do on a jet ski – speed toward each other and then at the last minute turn and spray. We’ve seen a number of accidents,” Hunter said.

What appears to have happened was that Jared and his unnamed friend on the other jet ski were trying to impress this young woman by playing jet ski chicken. They crashed, freaked out, and left her there. The firefighter went out to save her. If there was another guy there already holding it sure wasn’t Jared Sherman, because he said he was unconscious. Either way WBZ is no longer reporting that there was a guy there so that’s a moot point.

Many have suggested that the victim’s mother has nefarious motives and cannot be trusted. This is due to the fact that she’s been sharing a GoFundMe for her daughter, and the fact that she has a long and documented history of Google trophies.

I’m not here to defend her past behavior, but it doesn’t change any of the facts of this story. And it’s interesting that the same people who want to judge her mother based on her past, but not judge Jared Sherman based on his.

Either way, Jared Sherman is a liar, he was with her when they crashed, and everything he told WBZ is a contradiction of something else he said on Facebook. We stand by our reporting.



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