Jen Royle Doxxes And Publicly Shames Man On Twitter For Leaving Negative Yelp Review After Being Charged $50 Cancellation Fee


Jen Royle is a very attractive 43 year old sports reporter turned restauranteur who recently (months ago) opened up a restaurant called Table in the North End.

Table has received a lot of coverage in the Boston media since opening. Certainly the fact that she’s a blue checkmarked quasi-public figure hasn’t hurt in that regard. The food looks excellent, and it’s North End dining so obviously it’s not gonna be cheap ($85 a person). The problem is they don’t have a liquor license, but that’s clearly stated on their website.

It’s gotten a lot of good reviews, but when you’re in this industry you can’t please everyone. Most business owners understand that bad reviews come with the territory and they have to be handled in a professional manner.

At least that’s the way it used to be. Kind of like how the President of the United States used to be a job held by dignified people who didn’t get into pissing matches with their enemies on Twitter. Jen Royle seems to have taken Trump’s lead in handling negative reviews, as we recently saw her handling of a 1 star review from a guy who was charged $50 for canceling his reservation after realizing that they didn’t serve alcohol there.

Just to review. An anonymous poster gave Table a 1 star review after booking a table when the restaurant was closed, then canceling it in the morning, and still got charged a $50 fee. She had no idea who Rob P was since Yelp is anonymous, so she went through the information he used when he put his credit card down to book the table, then doxxed him and publicly shamed him for leaving a bad review.

That’s one way to conduct business.

In fairness, it does say on Table’s website that they are a dry restaurant and a $25 cancelation fee will be assessed.

But this guy got a $50 cancelation fee. Either way, doxxing a guy you took $50 from because he had the audacity to not be happy about this is pretty ratchet. Especially since it violates your own privacy policy on your website.

“We do not share your personal information we have collected from you….with your social networking sites….”

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“Data will not be shared with third parties with or without user consent.”

Unless of course you leave a bad Yelp review. Then the policy no longer exists and you’re getting publicly shamed and doxxed on Twitter.

I get why these policies are a thing, and I get that this is on their website so the guy technically was at fault. But what business did they lose as a result of this? Was there an empty table that night because of his cancelled reservation? If not, just give the guy his money back. You really need his $50 that badly when you’re charing $85 a head?

Rob Prager was not happy about it, and he seemed completely reasonable.

A normal business owner just walks away from this one. Not Jen Royle though. She doubled down.

You publicly stated his name for all of your 30,000 followers to see, when previously he was anonymous. But please, tell me more about how this isn’t publicly sharing his information.

She then went after pretty much every person in her mentions who suggested that this was probably not the best way to conduct business.

“He’s not a customer.”

He gave you $50 and got nothing in return. Not sure if that makes him a customer but you definitely profited off of him, and it cost you absolutely nothing. Step away from the iPhone Ms. Cofveve.

Nevertheless she persisted.

Well, that’s one way to do business. This is basically what we do for a living, but we’re running a politically incorrect blog, not a high end restaurant. If it doesn’t hurt her bottom line then more power to her, but if she’s doing as well as she claims to be doing I’d personally look into hiring a PR person to speak publicly for the business. This is Gaffney-esque.

Then again Jen Royle is no strangers to public feuds. Two years ago she had public tweet beef with former ESPN reporter Brit McHenry, who is a dreadful, miserable woman herself.

Months later she challenged McHenry to a fight.

The lesson here is, if you book a reservation at Table or leave a bad review, make sure to use a fake name. If not then you’re getting publicly shamed.


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