Canton Cover-Up Part 11: Jennifer McCabe’s Attorney Kevin Reddington Leaves Threatening, Possibly Drunken Comment On Turtleboy Facebook Page Vowing To “Dance” With Me In Court

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Last night after publishing this blog about Jennifer McCabe hiring famed boomer mafia defense attorney Kevin Reddington, who claimed that she passed a polygraph test and that the allegations against her were baseless, Reddington decided to share his thoughts on our Facebook page at midnight:

Well then, it appears as if Jennifer McCabe is in good hands. What client wouldn’t want their attorney to post incoherent sentences on an award winning journalist’s Facebook page in their defense while being accused of covering up the murder of a police officer? Calling someone reckless while writing something like this on Facebook is a bold move. Let’s see how it plays out.

Although I can’t confirm for sure, it would seem based on this evidence that Attorney Reddington was hitting the sauce a little last night. I say that because I assume this man is well educated and has filed documents in court that are indicative of a person who has made it past the 9th grade at Durfee High School. This certainly does not indicate that, which leads me to believe that he was putting something into his body that altered his decision making process and ultimately led him to hit the send button 3 times with no regret.

Either way, this certainly sounds like a threat to me, unless Attorney Reddington has a Groupon for a ballroom dancing class and needs a partner. Luckily for him I like to dance, and would look forward to facing off against such a well respected lawyer for guilty people in court. Unlike him, I’ve never lost.

He claims that I am irrelevant, and prior to this story no one ever read our blog. Yet in the same breath he indicates that he follows the blog enough to know that one of my claims to fame is being undefeated in court as a defendant. He claims that he will be the one to finally take Turtleboy down, much the same as he insisted that his client Juicy Jasiel Correia was not guilty.

I responded to his comment by asking Mr. Reddington if he could explain his client’s 2:27 Google search for “how long to die in snow,” and why she deleted that search hours later, but I have not heard back from him. So I called him this morning to see if he had sobered up and would like to clarify what he meant when he said I didn’t want to dance with him. He didn’t answer so I left a message.

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