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Jimmy Fund Loses $1 Million From WEEI Fundraiser As A Direct Result Of Bob Murchison And Shirley Leung’s Harassment Campaign 


This topic really makes me upset, but TB Daily News avoid vulgarity at all costs. However, Turtleboy Sports does not. Click here to read a more strongly worded take on this story.

Last year WEEI raised $4.4 million for the Jimmy Fund as part of their annual two day fundraising effort.

The hosts take a break from talking about sports and/or politics to visit kids in the hospital and interview people who work for this great organization so that their listeners can donate to helping find a cure. Kirk Minihane lost both of his parents in a short period of time to this awful disease, so it was always personal for him.

However, WEEI’s ability raise this amount of money was a direct result of Kirk and Callahan’s ability to cultivate a large enough listening audience to donate. Things were going great because WEEI was at the top of the ratings book, and kids with cancer benefitted as a result of this.

Then this guy showed up.

Millionaire activist Bob Murchison, whose investment management firm made its fortune by capitalizing off of the housing crisis in 2009. His transgender adult son/daughter Gabe didn’t like Callahan’s opinion on gender reassignment for 7 year olds so Bob harassed WEEI’s advertisers non-stop until several of them stopped advertising on the station.

For the record, I got all the information on Bob from turncoat Joe Zarbano, the program director at WEEI. He wanted to make it seem like I didn’t get this information and the emails Bob sent from him, so we talked on the phone and agreed that he would send me a message on Twitter, pleading with me not to publish Bob’s name, and then I’d publish it anyway.

That’s how gutless WEEI is. And because of this cowardice they put Greg Hill in that time slot, the ratings tanks, and this year they only raised $3.4 million.

For you math majors, that’s about $1 million short of last year, all of which would’ve gone directly towards research to find a cure, and support for kids who are fighting for their lives. That’s the end result of Bob Murchison’s campaign for censorship.

Of course he couldn’t do it alone without his ally at the Boston Globe.

Shirley Leung used her position at the Globe to not only demand that WEEI fire Kirk and Callahan, but then praised them when they decided to take Minihane off the air last November. She turned the Globe into a weapon she used to financially destroy the sports talk radio station by publicly shaming WEEI’s advertisers, and then called them up to harass them while coordinating with Bob Murchison.

I can’t even tell you how enraging this is. Nothing tugs on the heartstrings more than kids with cancer. It’s so cruel that any child would ever be forced to fight a battle like that when they should be enjoying their childhood. But they do, and more and more kids are winning that fight thanks to the Jimmy Fund. Now they have $1 million less to work with because of Bob and Shirley, who clearly don’t mind kids dying from cancer so long as they can control content on a radio station that they never had to listen to in the first place.


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