JK Rowling Gets Destroyed By Woke Mob For Defending Woman Fired For Believing That Men Can’t Be Women Because Judge Ruled That Opinion Is “Unworthy Of Respect”


Harry Potter author JK Rowling is a diehard liberal and vocal critic of President Trump who happens to be trending on Twitter today for all the wrong reasons. It began when she wrote what most people would seem to think is an open-minded, common sense tweet.

Most would agree that people can dress how they want, call themselves what they want, have sex with whoever they want, but you shouldn’t lose your job because you believe biological sex is a real thing. But Rowling is getting destroyed by the woke mob on Twitter for saying that. She uses the hashtag#IStandWithMaya in reference to Maya Forstarter, a British woman who was fired from her job as a researcher for these tweets:


She pointed out undeniable facts that men beating up girls in girls sports isn’t safe for girls. She was speaking from a woman’s perspective, since transgenderism frequently encroaches on the rights of women in particular. She, like many, has see biological males begin to dominate women’s sports, and accepts the scientific reality that putting on a dress and growing your hair out doesn’t make you a woman. She may refer to you as a woman for the sake of argument and awkwardness, but it doesn’t mean that biologically you are the same as her.

Doing this in England will cost you your job, and the courts will rule against you. That’s what the legal decision handed down against her said – Maya had violated the “Equality Act” in Britain (the same kind that democrats are pushing for in Congress in the US).

Her opinions are against the law. Nothing dystopian about that.

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What’s even scarier was the reasoning of the judge:

If you believe that men cannot be women, which is a scientific, undeniable statement of fact, you are “not worthy of respect in a democratic society.”

This is why we broke away from this joke of a country (sorry LH) that we had to bail of two World Wars. This is why America is the greatest country on earth – because we have a Bill of Rights that allows us to speak freely (for the most part). There is no First Amendment in England, so if the BLT-123 community labels your scientifically backed opinions as hate speech, then your opinions become “unworthy of respect” and you can lose your job in Britain.

This isn’t just a violation of free speech; it’s compelled speech from the government. They’re forcing you to say words that you don’t believe in, and those who don’t will be unemployable. This is what freedom looks like in Britain today. This is what the left is trying to bring to America

But please, tell me more about how Ukraine going a few hours without an arms deal is America’s biggest problem right now. .

This is the “woman” Maya refused to call a woman.


She sure is a handsome lady. Seems like a completely sane thing to request.

You would think that JK Rowling’s steadfast criticism of Trump would gain her some respect from the left. After all, surely people should be able to diverge from group think once in a while, right?

Not according to the blue checkmark mafia. If you deviate from any of their talking points you will be cancelled. Check out some of the reasoned responses that come up on Twitter first when you search for this topic.



Twitter is not real life. Twitter is a left wing echo chamber. If I asked 100 random people I saw in public tomorrow whether or not someone should lose their job for stating that men cannot be women, or voicing concern that biologically male boxers shouldn’t be able to fight female boxers, at least 99 would agree with me. But because Twitter, a) has banned so many people who agree with JK Rowling, and b) manipulate their algorithms to make sure that the negative tweets come up first, it makes it seem like their world view is the dominant one. It’s not. None of this is actually real in the United States. But it could be if the wrong people got elected. This is why I’m voting straight Republican for the foreseeable future – because this is what the other team stands for.

This is yet another example why you should never give into these people on anything. They seek only to destroy you, and we are in a state of war with them. People who try to make peace during a war get destroyed. People who fight back do the destroying. They’re arguing for the most asinine things possible, and no one should take them seriously. They should mocked and laughed at, because nothing they say has any basis in reality.

God Bless the USA, and God Bless the First Amendment.


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