Joe Kennedy And Wife Demand Ed Markey Disavow @HalfChub69 For “Threatening” Tweets Despite Not Disavowing Monica Cannon-Grant’s Racist Threatening Videos


Last week Joe Kennedy appeared at a rally with Monica Cannon-Grant, who has not yet denounced for her racist, violent threats towards Congressional candidate Rayla Campbell, was called out in person by Campbell and refused to address the racist he was using as a token behind him.

Today Ginger Joe’s campaign came out to whine about Ed Markey’s followers posting mean things about him on social media, and made sure to play the “death threat” card.

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Here’s some of the very serious threats from such respected accounts as @PistolVanBuren and @legokillermoth.

This was my personal favorite.

Stop the fight! “Ed Markey’s reply guys” retweeted a dinosaur saying “F Joe Kennedy.” How will he ever survive? That sounds way worse than this.

Or this.

Or this.

Those of course are all direct quotes from Joe Kennedy’s good friend Monica Cannon-Grant when discussing Rayla Campbell and the white people who support her.

This is the same nonsense our critics always try to pull. They can’t get you on record saying something threatening or offensive so they point to some random anonymous trolls, claim that they somehow represent you, and demand that you “disavow” them.

Meanwhile Monica Cannon-Grant isn’t some random nobody on Twitter. She’s a woman Kennedy actively sought the endorsement of and parades around with him when he needs to convince black people that he’s one of them. Nothing any of those trolls said comes close to the things Monica has said, yet his own campaign admitted that they’re OK with it.

Kennedy campaign spokesman Michael Cummings clapped back Monday, saying, “Monica has said multiple times that she should have been more careful with her words. Few have fought longer and harder on the forefront of racial justice in Boston.”

Now they demand that Ed Markey “disavow” these random nobodies. What exactly would that accomplish? Proving that he’s against assassinations and tasteless jokes on social media? Because I was wondering where Markey stood on those issues.

Joe and his wife Lauren have a relatable love story to the hard working people Kennedy pretends to care about in his thirst for power – they met at Harvard and are worth millions of dollars because Joe has some distant relatives who were famous.

She didn’t like this tweet from “Gregory Thomas’ fan account”

The words “RIP to his young widow” are in bold, which means his campaign went searching for those keywords and this tweet with 4 likes (none of which are from Markey, nor does he follow the account) from 3 weeks ago came up. That’s how desperate Joe Kennedy and his wife are to becoming victims. They desperately want the pity that comes along with being a martyr like JFK and RFK, but without the actual danger or murder. This account says in its bio that they’re not affiliated with the Markey campaign.

Nevertheless, they must disavow! Not Joe Kennedy though, he can still parade MCG around like she’s not a violent, racist sociopath.

Here’s how Lauren Kennedy responded to that one.

Imagine being this out of touch? Unemployment rates are skyrocketing, riots are starting up again across the country, and this rich white blonde chick who married into the Kennedy clan wants a United States Senator to publicly condemn @halfchub69 for writing a tasteless comment on Twitter.

Then there’s Nick Clemons, the campaign guy who wrote that pathetic letter.

Just look at this toolbag.

Imagine your job was to wake up every day and be that much of a bitch? Is every person who works for Kennedy a beta male white dude in his early 40’s? It’s starting to seem that way.

I can’t believe I’d ever reach this, but I will be enthusiastically voting for Ed Markey on September 1 and I’d urge all democrats and independents to do the same. I’ll vote for whoever the republican is in November, but let’s face it – whoever wins this primary will probably win, barring a miracle. I don’t agree with Ed Markey on ANYTHING, but at least he’s not an entitled, whiny baby clutching his pearls over trolls on social media. My hatred for those kind of people transcends politics. I don’t know if I’ve ever hated a politician as much as I do Joe Kennedy. Maybe Liz Warren. And if he wins on September 1 these will be our Senators.


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