Joe Rogan’s Apology To The Mob Is Why I Will Never Acknowledge Bad Faith Allegations Against Me Or Apologize To Shitty People Who Aren’t Really Offended By My Actions


Joe Rogan is a nice guy, which is exactly why the woke mob is trying so hard to cancel him.

It began a few weeks ago when a few millionaire singers attempted to get him kicked off Spotify by threatening to leave if the platform didn’t remove him for having the wrong opinions about vaccines. That backfired because Rogan was worth a $100 million investment for Spotify, due to the fact that he’s the most popular podcaster in the country.

When getting him censored for having the wrong opinions on vaccine mandates failed, the mob had to go to plan B – label him as a racist. Because you can survive having the wrong opinions about vaccines, but you can’t survive being labeled as a racist. So an anonymous political activist group called Patriots Takes (which is likely run by three creepy brothers from a left wing organization known as Meidas Touch) posted an edited compilation video of Rogan saying the n word 12 times over the course of his decades long career as an entertainer.

“The right” was not defending Joe Rogan because we enjoy racism. The “new right” defended Joe Rogan, in spite of the fact that he endorsed Bernie Sanders for President, because we believe in free speech. Especially when that speech is being labeled as “dangerous” by powerful elites.

That video completely took out any context, because had they played the actual clips viewers would’ve seen that Rogan was quoting other people using the n word. Kind of like how the President did it back when he could function on his own:

The correct response to this from Rogan was to not respond at all. These people are beneath him and they don’t matter. You cannot punch back at people who aren’t on your level because they win when people like Rogan even acknowledges their existence. If I were to start taking shots at Rachel Maddow I wouldn’t expect her to respond to me, because that would be a victory for me and a waste of time for her. It would give me new readers I never would’ve had access to before, which is why I prefer punching up.

Not a single person was offended or hurt by Rogan using the n word in context, especially his fans. The anonymous people on Twitter who compiled this video didn’t do so out of a concern for racism. They did it because he had the wrong opinions on vaccines, and they want him to be kicked off Spotify for it. This is an argument made in bad faith – they are pretending to care about racism, but what they really care about is vaccine compliance. Anyone using bad faith argument techniques is not someone you should take seriously or attempt to engage in a legitimate debate with, because they have no interest in debate. Yet Rogan did just that by getting down on his knees and apologizing for his sins:


I’d say it’s pathetic, but Joe Rogan is just a nice guy who doesn’t know any better. He owes the woke mob nothing, but he did this anyway because at his core he wasn’t built for situations like this. He just wanted to have a podcast where people with differing opinions could speak freely without being judged. Unfortunately he became more influential than the media and the elites, so he had to be destroyed.

But who was this apology even for? Not a single one of his fans cares, because they all know this was a bad faith attack. If anything they’re disappointed. The people Rogan was trying to please shockingly rejected his apology:


The apology “rings hollow” with communists because they have no interest in apologies. They don’t care about anything except controlling our cultural and political institutions, and deciding who gets to speak and who goes to jail.

Joe Rogan has never dealt with people like this before, but I have. For the last 8 years I have been the target of cancel mobs mostly comprised of 2 kinds of people:

  1. Ratchets
  2. Communists

Ratchets are no trouble. They have no organization, no resources, and no attention span. They threaten you, or vow deformation lawsuits before going right back to being ratchet.

Communists, on the other hand, are much better at organizing, have access to resources, and never stop going after you no matter how many times they fail. Communist leaders are not people who want to eliminate private businesses and redistribute wealth. That’s just what they say they are to get the poor street communists to fight for them. Communist leaders are people who want power, know how to obtain it, and then eliminate the rights of dissidents so that their power is never challenged. I represent a threat to the establishment because I expose corruption and don’t protect powerful people, therefore I must be destroyed. Joe Rogan represents a threat to the Biden administration because he doesn’t urge people to get vaccinated, therefore he must be destroyed.

BLM is the perfect example of this. Their leaders don’t want to redistribute wealth or eliminate private businesses, because they like wealth. BLM leaders like Monica Cannon-Grant are just good at organizing street communists to make demands from powerful institutions until people like MCG become leaders of those institutions. It’s how people like Michelle Wu get elected and then immediately begin denying people civil liberties. This is real communism, not the kind you learned about in school.

The greatest foe I ever had at Turtleboy was a Fitchburg communist named Kevin Lynch, who luckily I am cool with now. I wrote about him several times from 2016-2018, assuming he was your run of the mill ratchet. But he wasn’t a ratchet, he was a communist. For those 3 years Kevin made my life very difficult. He helped get me banned from Google AdSense, after getting my accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers removed on Facebook and Twitter. That’s a lot of time and money down the drain for one man who had become old news. Eventually I had to make peace with Kevin Lynch because he wasn’t an enemy I could defeat, and a prolonged war with him would only cost me in the long run.

Another communist who did some damage was a man by the name of Red Danny Margolis. He was at one point a high ranking member in New York’s Communist Party.

Dan Margolis was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1976. In 2006 he was chair of the New York State Communist Party USA. In addition he writes for the People’s World, covering local New York City and state issues, as well as events at the United Nations. He joined the Communist Party USA in 2001.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 1.07.03 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 1.29.34 PM

He started a blog dedicated to smearing my speech as “dangerous,” and I didn’t take it seriously because I thought he was a joke. Instead of attacking my ideas he claimed that I was “sexualizing children,” because it would be more shocking to people who had never heard of Turtleboy before. But communists like Red Danny have influence with elected communists like Sarai Rivera, who then began sharing his work.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 2.06.21 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-09 at 2.01.55 PM

If he just attacked my ideas he wouldn’t have gotten anyone’s attention. But saying Turtleboy “sexualizes children” has the same effect that “Joe Rogan said the n word” had – it made some people afraid to associate with the brand. Margolis organized a huge boycott that relentlessly harassed advertisers, and asked them if they were OK associating with someone who sexualized children, a baseless allegation. But most companies don’t want to bother with that sort of drama so it’s easier to just move on. That’s why I don’t bother with local advertisers anymore, but at the time it cost me thousands of dollars a month in revenue.

I made the right move by never apologizing though, because I knew it would’ve gotten me nowhere, and I don’t engage with people who come at me in bad faith. If you call me a racist I’m going to call you a pedophile. I play on whatever field you want to play on. I won’t attempt to refute people who accuse me of things like that because they win when I acknowledge them. If I was guilty of that then I’d be arrested, but nothing close to that has ever happened. If you’re too stupid to figure that out on your own then you’re not the kind of person I have any interest in keeping on as a reader.

Most recently the mob has been coming at me for my personal life, because all other avenues have failed. They don’t object to anything I’ve done in my personal life because for the most part they’ve done much worse. They don’t like me for the same reason my readers do – my reporting gets results.

Just like the woke mob has done with Rogan, my detractors have done the usual tactics of communists like Dan Margolis – put together out of context videos of me using profane language, posted out of context screenshots of private conversations sent by mentally unstable women, and a variety of other things in the hopes that I will respond publicly to them.

But I won’t address anything specific because doing so just gives them the attention they want. Most people I see in real life who read the blog don’t even know any of this is going on because I don’t talk about it. Like Joe Rogan, my detractors are beneath me, and my most loyal readers would be disappointed if I wasted time engaging with them. My readers are intelligent and know that the attacks against me are in bad faith, they’re being done in the hopes that you will stop supporting the blog, and they come from untrustworthy sources with long and documented histories of lying and distorting the truth. If you believe ANYTHING that’s been written about me and don’t want to read the blog anymore because of that I would encourage you to leave. Quite frankly you’re not the kind of person I’m interested in appealing to, and you certainly won’t be missed.

I am not a perfect person, and I certainly make mistakes. I can be stubborn, and I have issues in my personal life that are nobody’s business because they don’t affect or hurt anyone else. I don’t address allegations about my personal life because doing so would be an admittance that my personal life is other people’s business. Some will say that this is hypocritical, considering I blog about people’s personal lives, but I only write blogs about people who intentionally go out of their way to hurt innocent people. If I were a ratchet, or a criminal, or a bad parent, then they’d have a point. But all you need to know about me is that I’ve never been:

  • Arrested
  • Ever had any sort of DCF involvement in my life
  • Had the police come to my home at 9 Hollis Street in Uxbridge
  • Been charged with a felony
  • Intentionally tried to hurt innocent people

I’ve apologized many times to people I care about who I have wronged, especially when I know that I’ve hurt them. I’ve apologized to myself for using foul language on the live show that I’m not proud of, because I want to set a good example for my kids and hold myself to a higher standard. But I don’t apologize to people who seek apologies in bad faith, and neither should Joe Rogan or anyone else.

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