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John Doe Suing Former Peabody Teacher For Giving Him Drugs And Sex In Early 2000’s Was In Her Son’s Wedding Last Year, Admits This Is A Money Grab


Last week the Patch first reported on a story about a civil lawsuit out of Peabody, involving a John Doe in his mid 30’s and his former teacher Lynette Occhipinti. It was alleged by the plaintiff that Occhipinti ruined his life by providing him with sex, drugs, alcohol, and unlimited tanning when she was his assigned tutor in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and her picture on Facebook certainly didn’t help her cause.

However, it seemed unfair that she had her name dragged through the mud while this man in his mid 30’s, who suddenly realized he was a victim now that his life was in shambles, was allowed to remain anonymous while the plaintiff had her name dragged through the mud. After all, no criminal charges were ever filed, there’s no evidence any of this occurred, and it seemed all too convenient that he was trying to use her to get a settlement nearly two decades after he was allegedly victimized by her. Unlike him, she had a reputation to maintain and everything to lose.

The whole thing seemed like a money grab, and according to multiple people who have contacted us about the identity of “John Doe,” that’s exactly what this is. The plaintiff’s real name is David Clickstein, and he is exactly what you imagined a washed up north shore loser with a substance abuse problem looks like.

Clickstein owns Ace of Fades Barbershop in Peabody, which recently shut down its Facebook page after he got this review from a man who has Lynette in his profile picture.

I’d estimate that 95% of ratchets we’ve profiled have listed “open my own barbershop” as part of their five year plan for turning their life around. It usually never happens because they never turn their life around. But Clickstein appears to have jumped a couple steps in the recovery process by opening this failed barbershop, which evidently doesn’t make much money which is why he felt the need to sue his teacher from 20 years ago.

However, I don’t see how this lawsuit gets past the discovery phase considering Clickstein was a groomsman in Lynette’s son’s wedding last year.

Or when this photograph of Clickstein and Lynette together, which was posted by him on Facebook just last year, is presented into evidence.

Sure looks like he’s mad at her for ruining his life there. How will he ever recover?

We’re also told by sources that he’s in a lot of debt to his parents, and has told people in non uncertain terms that he’s doing this to get some quick money out of the public schools. Yes, he’s that stupid that he’s going around telling people that.

It looks to me that this woman is completely innocent. She unequivocally denies everything that he’s alleging, no criminal charges were ever filed, and she’s had no other complaints despite a long career in education. She also raised two kids on her own after her first husband died, and this is the thanks she gets from one of her son’s friends. Once again it shows how easily our courts can be abused by losers who figured out how to file a civil lawsuit. It shouldn’t be this way, and it doesn’t have to be this way.


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