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John Messia, Member Of Brockton Mayor Bob Sullivan’s Administration Attends Maskless Indoor Christmas Party Days After Closing Gyms Due To COVID Surge


Last week Brockton Mayor Robert Sullivan ordered that all gyms be closed down in Brockton to stop the spread of COVID, even though there is zero evidence that gyms are the source of spreading of a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate that preys on people who don’t go to the gym.

Sullivan said the decision was made because “COVID numbers are escalating at a rapid pace.” The city’s infection rate continues to rise and is approaching early pandemic levels, when the city was a top coronavirus hot spot in Massachusetts. The city saw 1,047 new cases the last two weeks for 75.4 per day per 100,000. Of all residents who were tested, 9.33 percent were positive during that period.

Newsflash – none of those people got the virus at the gym. Almost all of them got it in their homes because that’s where most people get it. Ban homes.

Instead of doing something that “stops the spread” of a virus that cannot be stopped from spreading, they are forcing random businesses out of business at Christmas and using zero data to guide them in their decision making, just so they can convince the idiots who voted for them that they are doing something to “save lives.” But it’s OK because Joe Curtatone, the cartoonish Mayor of Somerville whose lawsuit against Kirk Minihane was thrown out after he got prank called and spoke to Minihane for 20 minutes while thinking he was speaking to disgraced Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen, also closed gyms.

Today I issued a new Executive Order that will return Brockton to Phase Two, Step Two guidance this Wednesday for a…

Posted by Mayor Robert Sullivan on Monday, December 14, 2020

If you’ve ever found yourself modeling your leadership after Joe Curtatone then you were not meant to be a leader.

Fact check – if you live in Brockton and you’re under the age of 80 and are not morbidly obese then you have a much better chance of getting shot than you do dying from coronavirus. That’s just following the science. But it’s OK because he signed a police reform pledge and vowed to dismantle systemic racism, because that’s a much bigger problem in Brockton than out of control gang violence.

Funny he had no problem spreading the virus by not wearing masks while the pandemic was raging in its infancy.

About 74% of COVID spread occurs in homes according to a recent study, and only 0.06% of spread occurs in gyms. Naturally then Bob Sullivan is closing gyms and telling people to stay in their homes where it spread the most.

This is John Messia, who Sullivan hired to be his Director of Constituent services.

This past weekend John attended a Christmas party at his friend Beth’s house with at least five different households represented, which his wife Rhonda got tagged in on Facebook.

Nobody wore masks.

Even though 74% of COVID cases come from inside the home, and businesses in Brockton are shut down by John Messia’s government.

They must’ve realized that the turtle alarm had been sounded because Rhonda Messia ended up blocking Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook, and the album was renamed “a very small Christmas gathering 2020, praying for a better 2021.”

But screenshots are forever.

Just to be clear I have zero issue with this party. This is America and people should be allowed to gather together for the holidays and take risks as they see fit. No one in these pictures is a bad person, nor were they doing anything wrong. But the fact of the matter is that one of the people in attendance is a member of an administration that shut down gyms, ignored science, and is threatening to do it for longer.

“It’s going to be in effect for three weeks, but I do reserve the right to extend it if I need to based upon the metrics and the data,” Sullivan said.

That rollback will last until at least Jan. 6 and forces the closure of indoor fitness centers and health clubs, including gyms, museums, event spaces, theaters, arcades and recreational facilities and prohibit bar seating at restaurants.

He doesn’t care that this is the busiest time of the year for gyms, or that it’s vital for people’s mental and physical health, or that gyms do temperature checks and .001125% of the 3 million check-ins have shown sick customers.

“I think overall, first and foremost our position is fitness is essential — it’s safe and it should remain open,” said Bill Whelan, a Planet Fitness franchisee.

“We changed everything,” he said. “We increased sanitation flags, added extra sanitizing stations, additional staffing, introduced a crowd meter mobile app so people can go on and see usage and implemented touchless check-in to reduce contact between staff and members. Instead of physical distancing, we came up with social fitnessing and have those signs up for people to keep 6 feet or more between each other. We’re obviously requiring that everyone wear a mask.”

Whelan said the three-week closure is going to affect Planet Fitness at a crucial time for the business.

“That is our busiest time of the year — not just for member usage but for member joins because people want to start fresh,” he said. “It is critical to our business.”

He just saw a “surge” in cases, spun the wheel, and decided gyms were to blame.

“I’ve gotten an influx of people really upset about the fitness centers,” he said. “I’m not saying that the virus is spread in gymnasiums or fitness center. What I’m trying to say is, we’re in a surge right now, so for the next three weeks — my executive order is in effect for three weeks — we need to try stay home. We should not congregate. We are hopeful that the mechanisms in place will help limit the spread.”


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