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Johnston City Councilor’s Girlfriend Crashes Into North Smithfield Town Hall While Drunk And Evading Police


Stephanie Plante from Johnston, RI is no stranger to the courts. According to the Rhode Island Judiciary portal she has 9 warrants and 23 cases in various district and superior courts.

Make that 24.

WPRIA Johnston woman accused of driving drunk and crashing into North Smithfield Town Hall after fleeing a traffic stop has been ordered held without bail. Stephanie Plante’s bail was set at $5,000 with surety after she was arraigned Thursday in district court but she was later presented as a superior court violator and ordered held. Plante, 32, was arrested following the crash Wednesday night but not before she resisted, according to police. North Smithfield Police Capt. Steve Riccitelli said she was combative and assaulted an officer on scene, forcing them to use pepper spray to subdue her.

Riccitelli said it all started around 9 p.m. when an officer observed Plante driving erratically on Victory Highway and tried to pull her over. She instead sped off, according to Riccitelli, then turned onto North Main Street before hitting the front corner of the town hall building. The impact of the crash was so severe, it split the vehicle in two. Riccitelli said the officer followed Plante with his lights and siren on but noted that it was not a chase. Plante was not injured in the crash but taken to Landmark Medical Center to be treated for pepper spray exposure, according to Riccitelli. He said she had a passenger who appeared to be unhurt and was examined at the scene.

Plante was charged with driving under the influence, assault on a police officer, possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, reckless driving, disorderly conduct, driving with a suspended license (third offense) and three counts of possession of narcotics.

This classy individual was destined to one day appear on TB Daily News. Check out any of the videos or pictures on any of her various Facebook pages and you’ll quickly understand why.

A lot of the videos and images are not suitable to be published here, but you can see them all, as well as the fun names that SSTG has given her, on TBS by clicking here

Turns out Stephanie is a salesman of sorts.

Mainly she’s selling videos of herself a la mode, and fortunately you don’t have to take in the overwhelming aroma of what I would imagine smells like like Omaha Beach at low tide on the day after D-Day.

According to her she doesn’t usually post content on Facebook, and she’s sick of all the freeloaders who aren’t paying to follow her on that app.

However, when she’s in a good mood she gives the free previews on Facebook. Again, these are NSFW, so you’ll have to see them all on Turtleboy by clicking here

Luckily she hasn’t reproduced (I hope), although here she is in one of her videos recording a rap album with a man rocking the headware of champions while a small child seeks attention in the background.

Not sure what that guy’s name is, but I bet he owes someone child support.

She also uploads videos on Snapchat, including a recent one in which she was riding around, doing drugs, drinking, and said that she “almost crashed trying to flex.”


This was an interesting comment I saw.

A Johnston City Councilor would date someone like this? I find that hard to believe.

Except David Santilli Jr. is indeed an elected City Councilor in Johnston.

He was only recently elected, and took over for his father who held the D2 seat before him.

I know, it’s hard to believe an elected official would associate with someone like this, but here they are on Facebook making out.

And here he is sharing her online store.

Here she is confirming that he is indeed her “man.”

But it’s not all carnal. They coupon together too.

A man who knows how to run a city’s budget better be able to save $1.50 on Cheese-its.

And finally, here she is with what could be the esteemed City Councilman, (or another friend with benefits), a month ago in bed, with a video entitled, “Just got the best d*** ever swear to G,” while she eats a sandwich, most of which falls on the bed she just did unspeakable act upon. Again, click here to see that video’s analysis on TBS.

Only in Rhode Island.


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