Johnston Dad Charged With Child Abuse After Tackling Kid He Arranged To Fight His Son, Ratchet Mom Plays Race Card


A man named David Delgreco from Johnston, RI was arrested this week and charged with child abuse after he tackled an 11 year old boy while he was refereeing a fight between his son and the victim.


Here’s the video:


If your kid wants to fight another kid, and your advice for your kid is anything except, “violence doesn’t solve anything,” then you have completely failed as a parent. Almost as bad as letting your son look like the drummer in an 80’s metal band.


You know you’re in trouble when the other kid is wearing shower sandals and sweatpants but he still knows he’s gonna win.

Look at the stances on these trouble guppies. One kid is centered, bouncing around on his toes, and ready to strike. The other is moping around in a circle unsure what to do. Yet his father encouraged him to fight anyway, knowing that there was no possible way his semen demon could win.


This is not fighting:


This is opening yourself up to get knocked in the face.


Tyke Tyson must’ve been watching some female World Star videos because he immediately grabbed the other kid’s hair and attempted to administer the hoodrat helicopter.


At this point it was clear that David Lee Goth was in a bad position as Tyke Tyson began to administer street justice.


That’s when Bruce Child Abuse jumped in and went full Aaron Donald on Tyke Tyson.


He has since been charged with child abuse, and rightfully so.

I can’t express in words how trashy it is to referee your kid fighting another kid. Any parent who does this should never be allowed around their own kids, or any other kids, ever again. But Bruce Child Abuse is even worse because he eliminated any risk for his son. If his kid won the fight then he’d be fine. If his kid lost the fight he would also be fine. If you’re gonna teach your kid anything about fights it should be that there’s a possibility you will lose, and you better be prepared to deal with the lumps that come as a result of it.

Anyway, you would think the fact that David Delgreco was charged with a crime would be sufficient, but the fact of the matter is that he’s white and Tyke Tyson is black, so of course this became a social justice cause de jour.


This is the mother of Tyke Tyson, who goes by Dee RaeSheen on Facebook.


She lives in Providence, sells mushrooms on Facebook, and was at Block Island the day of the riots last month.


She is furious with police, despite the fact that they charged the man who assaulted her son, and believes this is an example of racism. Her and posse confronted one of the cops yesterday during a protest, because apparently none of them has ever hard of bail before.

BLM: “End cash bail because it’s racist.”

Also BLM: “Why is the court letting someone out on $10K cash bail?”

Then there was this from Mom:

“If the shoe was on the other foot and this black father hounded out another white boy…..”

If that happened then the black father would also be arrested, charged, and held until bail was paid.

She also wants to know where the news, lawyers, and cops are?

The news was the people with the cameras filming you making a fool of yourself.

The lawyers are at the courthouse charging the man who assaulted your son.

The cops investigated, filed the criminal complaint, and are now wasting their time getting grilled with bad faith questions by a bunch of illiterate morons who don’t understand how the criminal justice system works.

Hope that clears things up.

Pretty much everything I need to know about Momma Milk Pillows is that she felt the need to use an apostrophe when naming her child. But she also sent a mob of children to Bruce Child Abuse’s house, while simultaneously complaining to police that he’s not residing there now.


Her son is also a trained boxer, and she admittedly gets called to his school a lot for disciplinary issues.

And instead of teaching him to fight in a ring, she’s encouraging him to use his skills to get into street fights. You know you’re a ratchet when you bust out the ALL CAPS and brag about how your son needed a “whole dad” to make your son’s face look like that.

So yea, everyone in this story is trash, and both of these kids are basically screwed with parents like this moving forward.


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