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Johnston Woman Gets Third DUI In Style – Yells Racial Slurs At Black North Smithfield Cop While Taunting Him And Getting Pepper Sprayed


This is Johnston, RI resident Kirsten Farnsworth.

She had two DUI’s under her belt and decided to go for a third a couple weeks ago in North Smithfield. Kirsten may not be the biggest ratchet we’ve ever profiled, but she arguably had the most ratchet night in TB Daily News when she hit the DUI trifecta.

Source:  A 29-year-old Johnston woman is facing felony charges after a possible two-crash drunk driving spree, followed by multiple reported attempts to assault officers while yelling racial slurs. Kirsten Farnsworth of 84 Cedar St. repeatedly told police that she was a supporter of President Donald Trump throughout the incident, stating the president hates “people like you,” according to reports.

Farnsworth was charged with driving under the influence, refusal to submit to a chemical test, driving with a suspended license, operating a vehicle without the mandated ignition interlock system, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, assault of a police officer and making threats to public officials following the Tuesday, Feb. 11 incident.

According to reports, police responded to a motor vehicle accident in the area of 63 Old Greenville Road around 5 p.m. Officers found Farnsworth in the driver’s seat of a 2015 Kia Optima that had landed in a ditch in the woods, applying gas in attempt to free the vehicle.  She reportedly fell to the ground immediately after exiting the heavily damaged car. Police noted that some of the vehicle damage appeared to have happened during a separate accident, and that car parts found during investigation of an incident just down the road the same evening matched the Kia.

When police questioned Farnsworth’s claim that she had only ingested “two shots of Fireball,” she reportedly began screaming slurs while referencing the president. As officers attempted to place her under arrest, Farnsworth resisted and continued yelling slurs, according to reports. Once inside, she allegedly began kicking the window of the cruiser.  She was then pepper-sprayed and responded by stating, “you missed my face ni***r.”

After briefly passing out in the car, Farnsworth woke up to continue the rant against officers, the reports state. She fought and kicked at police as they attempted to bring her to the booking room at points stating, “Trump will never forgive you,” and “you’re black, you don’t matter,” according to her arrest report.

“Farnsworth even got up from her chair and tried to kick me while I was near the fingerprinting machine,” noted a report by Off. Michael Akinrola. She also reportedly threatened the officers, telling them she would “find their families.”

When she briefly had her handcuffs removed during a search, she lunged at Off. Kane Terelli, according to accounts by police.

“She informed me multiple times that she has powerful lawyers and that her family has more money than I do,” noted a second report on the incident filed by Off. Mark Bergeron.

Farnsworth’s previous arrest record includes DUIs in Coventry and Providence, and according to the state database, she currently has an ongoing worker’s compensation claim against Stone Depot of Rhode Island, Inc.

Fireball – the official Hennessy for white women. You’re safer having 4 mai tais at the Dragon 88 than you are having 2 shots of Fireball and getting behind the wheel of a Kia.

Some might say that it’s a little bit racist for Kirsten to tell a black cop that his life doesn’t matter due to the color of his skin, or to taunt him with the n word while dodging pepper spray. But according to her she’s not racist.

Come on Kenny, you know she’s not racist.

you’re black, you don’t matter,” according to her arrest report.

you missed my face ni***r.”

Not at all. It’s not racist if you say it under the influence of Fireball. I don’t make up the rules for white women, I just understand them.

A few months back she vowed that she would “always get myself out of sucky situations,” and promised that “ima be right back on top.”

The only thing she’s on top of is a minimum mandatory.

The only question now is, who will her mother visit on the weekends?

What a proud family. If big brother doesn’t get parole then she’s gonna go “apeshit.” Apparently by that she means, crash her car twice in a period of minutes, kick cops, call them racial slurs, and try to destroy the fingerprinting machine.

This is why you can’t trust any woman whose Facebook page is entirely made up of duck faced selifes.

Duckface selfies and Fireball are a recipe for Turtleboy.


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