Josh Abrams And Joe Hart Accused Me Of Paying $500K To A Child I Molested To Stay Silent Outside Worcester Courthouse Today


Joa “Grundlestiltskin” Hart Orga and Josh Abrams came to Worcester today for Grundlestiltskin’s day in court after being arrested at the Worcester Police Station over the weekend. Click here for that story. Two turtle riders went down to visit them, since as Josh knows, it’s a public place. Joe Hart then made a video after that with more baseless, slanderous lies about me. Watch right around the 20 minute mark.

Aidan Kearney you are a child molester. You signed a NDA so I you can never talk about it again. But he’s a child molester. The report is out there, and you can find it on accountability for all. Come down here to talk about your child molestation. If you’re still supporting Turtleboy you’re supporting a child molester.

Here’s my question for any attorneys reading this – would you like to help me sue him? This is the definition of defamation. He made up a lie that I’m a child molester who paid the girl I assaulted half a million dollars to shut up. Obviously that’s not true, and if I did pay out that kind of cash to keep quiet I’d probably have a line of accusers out the door. These two are making money with their advertisements and 14,000 subscribers, and they’re profiting off of a lie that can damage me professionally. As an online content creator my reputation is paramount. You can only brush aside these lies for so long before fighting back legally.

I’m usually on the opposite end of defamation lawsuits because I’m busy, I wouldn’t know how to go about drafting a complaint, and I generally believe that people should be allowed to criticize me. But this isn’t criticism, it’s a baseless lie designed to damage me professionally. So if you’re an attorney and you’re interested in either guiding me along to write a complaint, pushing me in the right direction, or representing me, then feel free to email me at [email protected] I’m more than willing to barter free advertising too.

Also, who’s the tangerine?

Apparently this is what constitutes a fan for Josh and Grundy. He came over and thanked them for what they’re doing while claiming to have wanted to become a cop but decided not to because cops suck. Sure thing bud. And he just happened to be there right when they were filming and slobbered all over them like a horny 40 year old woman at a New Kids on the Block concert.

According to Josh the media and lawyers are all over this and they’re about to get the officer fired and blah, blah, blah. But in reality Josh is a pathological liar, the media has no interest whatsoever, the cop won’t be disciplined, the lawyers will be court appointed, and Josh will be in jail for 5-10 years very shortly.


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