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Josh Abrams Disputes Report About Being Beaten By Billy Tibbetts In Jail, Offers “Evidence” That Doesn’t Prove Anything


Convicted lifetime criminal Josh Abrams was released on $5,000 bail early this week, thanks largely to Rachael Rollins campaign for lawlessness in Suffolk County. While he was gone it was widely reported that Mr. Abrams was beaten badly by former NHL enforcer and convicted rapist turned Scituate selectman candidate William Tibbetts, while incarcerated. Evidently Mr. Abrams heard that people on the outside became aware of this while he was gone, and he messaged me today to clear the air.

Wait until he finds out Turtle Driver is a guy.

He’s right about one thing – I don’t doubt that William Tibbetts would indeed beat me up if we fought. Tibbetts spent his brief NHL career acting as a drug addicted rapist of Happy Gilmore.

William Tibbetts might be a vile person himself, but he’s not going to lose a fight to a man who yells like a zebra in heat and needs at least a C cup to keep his man breasts in place.

He told me that I’m a nobody (even though he talks about me all the time in his videos) and urged me to read the report that he sent me, which he alleged was proof that he won the fight.

So I did.

The only thing Josh has ever complied to is abstinence, so the fact that he didn’t stop fighting when he was asked to doesn’t really prove anything. Of course he’s going to try to fight back when he’s getting beat up. But win the fight? That defies the laws of physics and common sense.

He also refuses to go live with me, because he’s scared. Although he claims it’s because I’m irrelevant, which is why he’s never released a video about me.

Except he’s released several videos specifically about me. Like the time he filed a false police report and claimed I threw a Pepsi bottle at him outside of his elderly mother’s house. Or that time he rambled with nonsense about me being a pedophile.

Either way, he’s supposed to be live with Bristol on Sunday. Little does he know that she’s more vicious than Billy Tibbetts and I combined. #PrayForJosh


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