Josh Abrams Was Arrested At The Straight Pride Parade After Running To The Police When Antifa Harassed Him


I was gonna go to the straight pride parade today, but it’s Saturday and my kids wanted to go to the aquarium, so I’d have to be a huge loser to give up time with my family in order to people watch at a dumpster fire like the straight pride parade. Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve loved to have gone since so many terrible people from both sides were concentrated in one area. Would’ve been great content. But if you find yourself sacrificing time with your family for shenanigans like this, then you’re wasting your life. Pretty much everyone who attended this today is terrible. We know Antifa is awful, and the straight pride organizers were exposed on our live show for being insecure snowflakes.

When this is the symbol of straight pride.

It means the world has gone celibate.

But the worst person of them all also showed up to the parade, which shut down the city’s busiest streets on move in day for college students.

Josh Abrams. The perpetually unemployed cop blocker who goes around harassing the police on video, and then calls them on Turtleboy when someone unrelated to Turtleboy comes to his house and throws a Pepsi at him.

I discovered he was there when I searched “straight pride” on the Twitter machine and found some socialist troglodyte (@socialistdogmom) named Molly, who saw him whining to the cops about Antifa surrounding him.

If they only knew that he was on their side. These people deserve each other, they’re just too dumb to realize that they’re all on the same team. Not sure who to hate the most here. There’s so many choices. Josh is pretty terrible and all, and it’s hilarious that he whined that a socialist protester was harassing him after he got in her face, but this woman is at least equally as awful. Take a gander at her Twitter feed and you’ll see why.

But here’s the best part – Abrams got himself arrested after running to the police for protection.

Here’s his final live stream which ends with him getting arrested.

The last thing Abrams saw before spending the weekend in jail.

No bail on Sundays either. Have a nice weekend Josh. The aquarium was awesome. Sucks to be you.


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