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Jussie Smollett’s Fake Hate Crime Falls Apart After Lying On Good Morning America


So the Jussie Smollett fake hate crime story is finally starting to look like it’s coming to an end. Largely because he can’t stop going on television show, continuing the charade, and saying things that come back to bit him in the ass. He virtue signaled about how he was a “fighter.”

He said he waited over 40 minutes to call the police after the attempted lynching because as a gay man he didn’t want to be seen as “weak.”

He said the only reason people are doubting his cartoonish version of events is because he’s not white.

Even though the only reason people on the left are even humoring this obvious lie is because he’s black and gay, which is useful for their narrative with the 2020 election approaching.

He played up the lie that he was attacked by MAGA supporters because he “comes really, really hard after 45.”

As if with the millions of people on Twitter who complain about Trump on a daily basis, he alone stood out as the obvious target. Meanwhile, I had no clue who this guy was a month ago, and neither did 99.9% of Trump supporters.

But here’s where he screwed up:

He said he had no doubt in his mind that the two guys seen in the grainy image the CPD put out, the ONLY two guys out at 2 AM in -30 weather, were the ones who attacked him. He said their posture, height, and ski masks stood out.

Remember that.

Then later on in the day it was announced that the two men in the video had been identified. Except it turned out to be these guys:

Two jacked Nigerian dudes who just so happened to know Jussie, one of who worked as an extra on his show Empire which no one in any red state has ever seen before. Jussie has to be pretty strong to take down two MAGA supporting Nigerian beefcakes who just so happen to be friends with him.

Then Rob Elgas from ABC Chicago, a vocal Trump critic who works for a left leaning media outlet, tweeted this out:

I gotta be honest – this is a twist I wasn’t expecting. I thought he got punched for trying to hook up with someone’s boyfriend at the club. Looking more and more like he flew in two of his boys who needed a little extra cash and had them stage the whole thing so he cold regain relevance and stay on a low rating TV show no one has ever heard of. What’s the best way to make sure you stay relevant? Victimize yourself and blame it on Trump. And it would’ve worked if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!!

That’s insane if true. It shows the whole thing was premeditated and he wanted two guys to be seen on video. He just didn’t think they’d be found out because they were wearing ski masks. Oops!

Soon after ABC published this story the Chicago Police hack spokesperson shot it down:

Think about what Mass State Police spokesperson David Procopio says every times he opens his mouth. He just lies and lies and lies. The PR guy for the police isn’t there to tell the truth – they’re there to do damage control.

The fact of the matter is that ABC would not print a story that goes against their own agenda if they were not 100% sure the information they published was correct. That means it came from cops or detectives who are working the case, and ABC verified that. Every single cop in Chicago knows this was a lie, they hate the fact that this guy is wasting their time, they know for a fact the investigation is entirely on him, and they wanted the information out there. This is how real news gets told – when cops go rogue and anonymously speak to the media. That’s how we got all of our MSP stories. There is no more valuable source of information than a jilted police officer who’s sick of the bullshit.

Obviously everyone who wanted this story to be true instinctively “believed” it. But none of them really did. No rational person could. However, it’s one thing when random celebrities and yahoos pontificate on Twitter. It’s a completely different thing when politicians, especially politicians running for President, use a fabricated incident like this to attack Trump. Kamala Harris is the front runner for the democratic nomination in 2020.

Cory Booker wishes he was, and used it to push for a law that would take away state’s rights to police themselves.

Joe Biden hasn’t announced yet, but if and when he does he’ll be a frontrunner.

AOC, who has more Twitter followers and influence than any member of Congress, and who has been championed by the left as a leader, used it to perpetuate the lie that hate crimes are on the rise.

Reported hate crimes and fake hate crimes are certainly on the rise. Real hate crimes are not.

We won’t hear from any of these people once Smollett is eventually arrested because that was just their woke tweet du jour, and they’ve moved onto new things by now. Every day these people virtue signal based on lies and use it to advance their careers. It’s harmful to our country’s discourse, it paints all conservatives as contributors to a racist climate that gets gay black men lynched, and it deflects from real problems our country actually should be dealing with.

But we will hear from the blue checkmark woke patrol. Here’s what Eugene Gu, a virtue signaling fake doctor who was credibly accused of domestic violence and made a fake Twitter account that he used to harass his ex-girlfriend, had to say when the hate crime was first reported.

Here’s what he’s saying now.

Yea, we should never rush to judgement. Unless of course that judgement fits the narrative that white people are dangerous and white supremacy is the biggest threat to America right now.

Oh, and it’s not a big deal if Jussie lied because, “at least he didn’t falsely accuse individual people,” and it’s not a big deal because it’s “likely a mental health issue.”

Right. He didn’t name names. Instead he vilified an entire group of people (Trump supporters), which is way better. He’s right about the mental health aspect though. This is Trump Derangement Syndrome at it’s finest.

Now time for some of that “whataboutism” that the left is always whining about.

The bottom line is that Jussie Smollett needs to be arrested. I assume he will because the CPD has wasted so much time and manpower and needs to send a message. But I also worry that police will worry how that will look. Chicago is a city where a police officer was recently convicted of shooting a black teenager who had a knife and was high on PCP. If they arrest him there is no way the woke community will not call them racist. They will protest and whine that “this is why victims don’t come forward.” They will ignore all the evidence in front of them and rely on the only thing they ever do – emotions. But he needs to be arrested, and the politicians who perpetuated these lives for their own benefit need to apologize as well. Don’t hold your breath.


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