Kamala Harris Is Trying To Get Trump Kicked Off Twitter Because This Is What They Do When They Don’t Get To Control The Narrative 


Up until this week I thought that Elizabeth Warren was the most shameless, detestable  person running for President. I used to think that she was the closest thing they had to Hillary Clinton this time around. But then Kamala Harris, in a desperate event to remain relevant after Tulsi Gabbard destroyed her campaign, went on a mission the last few days trying to get Donald Trump’s account suspended.

She is the new Hillary. A shameless fraud who will say and do anything to try to stay in the race. She’s Beto with a pantsuit.

I can’t understate just how dangerous and authoritarian this is. If Kamala Harris, or anyone like her, becomes President, they will use the power of the Presidency to force private companies to silence speech of their biggest critics. They hide behind this false narrative that words are responsible for violence. As if Donald Trump suggesting that a coup was going on would lead to outright civil war. And even if it did, why should he not be allowed to say that if it’s the way he feels? She might not agree with it, but millions of Americans do.

But instead of just challenging his ideas she’s doing what many others on the left have also done – trying to silence speech. People like her realize that a big reason Trump won was because social media enabled him to get his message across unfiltered. Prior to Twitter his message would’ve been in the hands of the mainstream media, which is controlled by people who are friendly to people like Kamala Harris. This is the same exact nonsense that our critics have been doing to us. If this is what people like her will do with power, how can you blame free speech advocates like me for voting for Trump? I discuss that and more in last night’s podcast.


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