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Poor Behavior

Kate Peter Brings Daughter Onto Show To Discuss Who She Thinks Her Dad Is, Creepy Auditor Makes Sexual Comments Towards Her


Kate Peter’s bootleg TB spinoff “Masshole Report” is basically a “show” where Kate and recovering junkie Mike “Masshole Mitch, who works for the town of Reading, mock and obsess over Josh Abrams and other losers who go around filming the police. They don’t have any turtle riders left, but they have picked up some creepy looking guys from around the country who come on their panels to mock people who they believe are beneath them.

The other night Kate brought on her 14 year old daughter to be oggled by some of these winners. This is the same daughter who has spent the vast majority of her life in the foster system as her mother has continually chosen abusive, drug addicted men over her. The same daughter who Kate admittedly neglected in order to pursue her YouTube show. The same daughter who suspiciously got a bunch of bruises that doctors and police believed came from either Kate or her emasculated boyfriend Andrew H. Johnson, prompting DCF to open up yet another case on Bristol Blarney.

Kate brought her daughter onto her panel the other night while they were mocking a mentally disabled auditing freak.

Bristol Blarney: “My daughter just walked by and wants to say something about him and she’s not gonna leave me alone until she can.”

Neglected Crotch Fruit: “So, my Dad left me, and I think that man is my Dad.”

Bristol Blarney: “That’s why Rick left.”

Sorry kid, that man isn’t addicted to heroin, so there’s no way he could be your father. He “left” because your mother got him hooked on crack cocaine and was emotionally abusive to him. Your paternal grandmother does want to establish a relationship with you though. You might remember her as the lady who raised you in your formative years. Your mother doesn’t want her around because she might take a interest in things you like, instead of forcing you to take an interest in things she likes.

I guess some things never change. When Kate briefly had custody of the poor girl in 2012 when the girl was 5 and Kate was trying to become a YouTube personality without the benefit of using an established platform like TB, she forced the girl to call her a retard and laugh at her at the 1:31 mark.

A few days later DCF raided that apartment on a tip, found that she was neglecting her daughter and the other child that the state hadn’t taken from her yet. DCF took them again and two days later Bristol Blarney went to Target and pretended to be 6 months pregnant and looking for the abortion bill or a coat hanger.

Then they brought on this creep:

He’s an auditor named Michael Malloy who has his own YouTube show and is buddies with Kate’s good friend, prolific rapist Josh Abrams.

They’ve since edited the video, but Michael Malloy made a comment about her daughter being hot and wanting her to come on the show. You can see the commenter JIMMY reference it around the time he made the statement.

In hindsight the two kids who were forcefully taken from her against her will by the state were the lucky ones. This poor girl is growing up to be her mother.

Kate also continues to complain about people “e-begging” on YouTube despite the fact that she:

  • Lives in section 8 housing
  • Has collected welfare most of her adult life
  • Gladly accepts donations for her “show” where her daughter gets sexualized by a creepy auditor, including one sugar daddy who donated $300 last week during a show
  • Has a Patreon page where you  pay $25 a month and in return she mentions your name on her show, gives you special privileges in Discord, and you get to write blogs for her website that you won’t be compensated for

  • Has other offers on the Patreon where you give her $2 for coffee, give her $5 for nothing, or give her $15 for her to say your name but NOT force you to write a blog on her website for free

I know Kate is too much of a coward to ever debate me, but if Mike “Masshole Mitch” from Reading wants to come on, he’s always invited. He had a lot to say when it all first went down.

Anyway, this has motivated me to get the Bristol Blarney series started again. Stay tuned for Part 6.



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