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Kate Peter Faces Magistrate Hearing In Leominster District Court For Witness Intimidation, Jamie Genereux Deposed For Lawsuit


Tomorrow I have two appearances in Zoom court. The first is a deposition of Jamie Genereux, the man who hired a high priced Boston law firm to sue me and 10 and ten women for sharing opinions online about his business methods. Jamie owns Packleader Pet Trackers, which charges desperate pet owners money for him to go searching through the woods looking for their pets. Check out their Facebook page here

Of the 10 women he sued, 8 were volunteers for the non-profit Missing Dogs of Massachusetts, who he’s had a long standing feud with. They’ve been critical of his tactics and business practices, and since they essentially provide a similar service for free so he has accused them of interfering with his business by urging pet owners not to pay. The other two women are former customers who paid him large amounts of money to find their dogs. He told them that their dogs were dead and days later they ended up finding the dogs alive on their own. He’s suing them for commenting on the TB News Facebook page about their experiences with him.

He’s suing me and my former company because former blogger Manchester Turtlette wrote a blog that barely mentioned him as part of a larger story about Jerrod Mayo’s missing dog Knox. Mayo’s wife called Jamie out on Instagram after he was hired to track the dog, and accused him of being hired to “stage a whole drowning incident,” which he’s told clients whose dogs were alive before.

In reality the dog had already been killed in Rhode Island. I attempted to tell him that I did not write the blog, and if there were something wrong with it I’d be happy to fix it. He told me he was going to keep suing me until I shut my face.

Tonight on the live show I will be going over this lawsuit and the Kate Peter situation, so click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in at 9. You’ll see that this guy’s business practices are likely the cause of any financial harm he’s suffered.

The deposition begins at 10 AM tomorrow. Then at 12:35 Kate Peter will finally face a magistrate for hacking into the Turtleboy Facebook account in order to post a threat to herself using the Turtleboy name, in order to use that against me in an upcoming restraining order hearing against me in Attleboro.

As you can see this is simply a clerk’s hearing. The Holden Police found that there was enough probable cause to file a criminal complaint for witness intimidation, since the purpose of her hacking into my account was to affect the outcome of the restraining order hearing. The District Attorney’s Office is aware and allowed it to proceed, which is why it says Commonwealth vs. Katherine Peter, and I am labeled as a witness. The Holden Police will make their case for why she should be criminally charged and face a judge, and Kate will be able to explain why she shouldn’t be. According to her she’s much smarter and familiar with the law than HPD, so it should be interesting.

I am satisfied with whatever the outcome of the hearing is, and feel vindicated because the Police determined that she did in fact hack into my account. She’s also been suggesting for weeks that I was lying about the criminal complaint, and now she knows just how serious this actually is.

I’m not giving out the Zoom codes to either but will discuss them afterwards I’m sure. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to watch tonight at 9.




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