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Poor Behavior

Kate Peter Starts Fundraiser For Legal Fees To Pay Pro-Bono Attorney Michael Gaffney To Sue Turtleboy, Women Who Threw Her Under The Bus Are Donating


Former blogger Kate Peter has launched a fundraiser to pay for her alleged lawsuit against me.

I don’t know what the funniest part about this is, there’s so much to choose from.

  • The fact that Kate Peter thinks her YouTube channel filled with bots and circus freaks from around the country is “competition” to Turtleboy
  • The fact that Kate Peter hired Mike Gaffney, said he’s working pro-bono, and is now raising money to pay for him to sue me from Florida because apparently he is desperate for work and cash
  • The fact that Kate Peter constantly complains that people donate money to Turtleboy, calls it “begging,” and is now begging for people to pay for her ridiculous lawsuit which will only accomplish the goal of paying for Mike Gaffney’s airfare to file a losing lawsuit in Massachusetts
  • The fact that Kate Peter is doing the EXACT same thing she mocked dog killing, woman abusing Rian Waters for doing – starting a GFM to pay for his lawsuit and working with brilliant and very serious attorney Michael T. Gaffney to bring me down.

In reality Kate’s just mad that her entire crew has abandoned her. Mitch (Michael Agneta), Mike Hilario, and South Shore Justin are gone. All but the dumbest of former turtle riders are left giving money to her Patreon for the right to have their name listed at the end of every episode. This is what’s left over.

The chick second from the right is Amanda Spencer from Malden. She initially fell for Kate’s lies in the Discord group, but then when the truth came out about Kate hacking into our Facebook account and making fake names on Facebook to sabotage our fundraiser, Kate shut her channel down. Amanda had nothing to watch and desperately wanted to be a part of something so she immediately messaged me begging to be let back in Turtleboy and threw Kate under the bus.

Then Kate got her YouTube channel back up so I guess she was ready to hop back on.

Funny thing about Amanda is she used to constantly send me stories, usually trying to get me to shame junkies.

Which is odd, because Amanda Spencer from Malden knows a thing or two about drug addiction.

People like this want to use TB to shame other people for doing the same thing they did because it makes them feel better about themselves. Pathetic.

No one wants to sit on Kate’s panels and talk about auditors. She’s banned from live streaming on YouTube so she has to go on Facebook where a couple hundred people listen to 7 weirdos talk about their favorite auditors.

She has raised over $1300 though.


Staci Barnes, a former turtle rider who has become the leader of the Mike Gaffney fan club on Facebook, also gave $100.

Funny thing about Staci is that she couldn’t WAIT to throw Kate under the bus either when she realized she hitched her train to a deadbeat Mom who lost 2 kids permanently to the state and traumatized the two that were left over.

She even said she felt scammed by donating to Bristol’s Patreon.

But mostly she whined to me that Bret Killoran was being mean to her and wanted me to intervene.

Staci also tried and failed to blog for Turtleboy as well. Her big pitch? “Fresh coal bank ratchets.”

Most turtle riders are great people, but I am aware that some ratchets just enjoy watching other ratchets burn. Ya know, people like Kate, Amanda, and Staci. And for what it’s worth, I really didn’t feel like dragging Staci and Amanda into this, even though they’re both huge snakes. But they can thank their friend Kate for that.




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