Kate Peter Uses Buffalo Blogger To Bribe Joe Orga With Information On Pawtucket Cop To Get Orga To File Fraudulent Federal Complaint Against TB YouTube Channel


Last week Kate Peter sent a fraudulent federal complaint to YouTube in an attempted to have the Turtleboy YouTube channel removed for copyright infringement. She forgot to change the docket number at the top of the 2013 case because she’s not very bright. It wasn’t enough to have me removed, so Kate reached out “First Amendment auditor” Joe Orga, who also filed a copyright claim against me. Kate knew that he wasn’t savvy enough to filed a fraudulent federal complaint like she did and submit it to YouTube, which would erase the strike YouTube has on me.

But Kate Peter really wants me taken down, so she attempted to reach out to Orga and give him advice on how to file a fake complaint. Except she hates him, remember? She went full mean girl on him a few months back, catfished him on Tinder, and met up with him at a bar for the purpose of public humiliation. She recorded the whole thing too. Watch at the 15 minute mark if you need a reminder.

It’s now come to my attention that Kate attempted to bribe Orga with information about a Pawtucket Police Officer in order to get Orga to file a fraudulent federal court copyright complaint against me like she did. I know this because someone snitched.

As you can see, Kate is giving this intermediary instructions to give to Joe Orga about how to file a fraudulent federal complaint. The intermediary brings it to Orga who tells her it’s going to cost her $4K. As for Kate and Officer Baino, I have no idea what their relationship was. I do know Kate made this attention seeking video with him though.

Whatever communication they had is not something I have access to. However, the avatar of the person acting as the intermediary looked familiar and I recognized it right away.

James. As in, James Kriger. Without him Turtleboy might not exist today. He’s the raging alcoholic psychopath from Buffalo who wrote a libelous blog about me that baselessly accused me of sexually harassing a woman at a Bills-Patriots game in 2014. Just read this blog because I don’t have time to rehash it all now. He tried to take me down and caused a huge disruption in my life, but thanks to his lack of credibility the school district (Dudley-Charlton Regional) was forced to pay me a year’s salary to walk away quietly and promise not to sue them. If I had quit on my own I would’ve gotten nothing, so thanks for being you James!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw he was friends with both Kate and Orga. Not that it’s beneath him, but it just shows how obsessed Kate is to be reaching out to the Buffalo blogger from 6 years ago who tried and failed miserably to take me down. She clearly has no bottom.


I think my favorite part about this saga is that Kate got rejected by Orga. That and the fact that she’s willing to throw Officer Baino under the bus and feed him to Orga in order for Orga to go after my YouTube channel. And it didn’t even work. I imagine it will be awkward when Baino reads about this.

Last night towards the end of the live show I addressed this revelation.

James Kriger reached out to me a couple days ago and said that he was messaged by people wanting to talk about me.

That would be Kate.

Then I confronted him about Bristol Blarney.

James Kriger loves to make his readers sound like he has some bombshell up his sleeve. But just like Kate, he’s completely full of crap. He just gets off on the idea that can create fear, and once you take that power away from him he gets upset and starts unraveling.

James was clearly listening to the show last night because he messaged me during the stream but refused to come on the air like the coward that he is. Here’s some bits and pieces of our productive conversation that ensued.

James Kriger was sued for defamation for making up lies about a charity for children. A judge ruled that he had defamed a children’s charity:

A North Collins-based blogger has been ordered by a judge to pay almost $38,289 in damages and legal fees to Bills Fan Thunder, a children’s charity organization made up of Buffalo Bills’ football fans. In her order, State Supreme Court Justice E. Jeannette Ogden said she found that blogger James Kriger made statements that “constitute defamation” in a series of posts alleging criminal activity by Bills Fan Thunder and its president, Charles Pellien, during the 2015 National Football League season. Pellien and his organization denied Kriger’s allegations and filed a defamation lawsuit against Kriger in October 2015. Pellien claimed that his group ran into difficulties with fundraising after Kriger’s posts.

He was forced to take his whole website down, so the libelous blog he wrote about me was removed as part of that. Turns out you can’t just make shit up about people and harm them financially. Big shoutout to my man Michael Caputo, who led the effort with Bills Fan Thunder. Caputo is a big name in the Republican party and worked on the Trump campaign. I have him, and James has a woman who lost two kids to the DCF Fairy.

I sued Kriger as well, but my lawyer was a coward and withdrew from the lawsuit after Kriger wrote a drunken email and blog threatening his family too.

So this is what Kate Peter is up to these days. Trying and failing to bribe Joe Orga with information about a Pawtucket cop who confided in her, using James Kriger as an intermediary, and all in a vain attempt to take down the Turtle Boy YouTube channel because she is completely insane.



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