Kathryn Narcisi Has A New Lawyer And The Providence Journal Wrote An Inaccurate Article About Her Lawsuit Against Turtleboy And Her “Businesses” 


A lot of people have been asking about what’s happening with the Kathryn Narcisi, so here’s an update. “Failure Swift’s” CAPS LOCK LAWSUIT was initially filed by Cranston State Rep, and twice held in contempt attorney, Christopher Millea. She then fired him because she thought he was colluding with me to sabotage her lawsuit. After the Rhode Island ACLU agreed to take my case they filed to have it moved to federal court, since superior court in Wakefield, RI has no jurisdiction over a business in Massachusetts that doesn’t practice any business in Rhode Island. Judge Susan McGuirl then issued a temporary restraining order against me, demanding that I take down all blogs referencing Kathryn Narcisi, which of course was a blatant First Amendment violation.

In a sane world Judge McGuril would be fired for gross incompetence, and Attorney Millea would be disbarred for taking money from what appears to be a mentally unbalanced woman. He knows what libel is and isn’t, and he knew that this wasn’t it. But she wrote him a check drawn on her husband Metro’s hard earned money, so that’s all he needed to see. As for the Judge, the fact that she is so incompetent that she believes she has any right to order a media outlet to remove factual or opinion based content from its website, simply because a crazed plaintiff has filed a frivolous lawsuit, should make anyone question whether or not she’s capable of doing her job. This didn’t require case law research on her part. It’s a basic First Amendment right that she violated.

Kathryn Narcisi did a couple whining videos about how she couldn’t come up with $7,500 for an attorney, because Metro’s money has to be drying up. He told me when I spoke with him that he didn’t want to pay for this, but since he’s an emotionally abused man who is too cowardly to stand up for himself, he allows this woman to waste his money on her nonsense. I know this because she has hired a new attorney, they’re trying to get the case out of federal court, and the Providence Journal wrote about it.

The state affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union is coming to the defense of a Worcester blogger facing libel and harassment allegations. The ACLU is asking U.S. District Court Judge John J. McConnell Jr. to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Hopkinton resident Kathryn Narcisi against a Massachusetts blogger known as Turtleboy, asserting that the case raises important First Amendment issues in the Internet age. The ACLU is arguing on behalf of teacher-turned blogger Aidan Kearney, sole owner of Worcester Digital Marketing LLC, which previously did business as Turtleboy Digital Marketing LLC.

“The internet can be full of intemperate and uncomfortable discussions. When they are about you, the natural reaction is to want to make them go away. But we must never lose sight of the important First Amendment rights of free speech and free press that will be lost if we or our courts give in to those reactions,” Lynette Labinger, who is representing Kearney in the case, said in a news release.

Narcisi sued Turtleboy Digital in May in state Superior Court, alleging that the company was stalking, slandering, bullying and harassing her at home, work, on the street and over the internet. Narcisi owns two internet businesses: His and Her Secrets, which recruits others to sell lingerie and lotions at home parties; and An American Treasure, a similar enterprise that markets handmade lotions.

Stop right there. Kathryn Narcisi owns two businesses? They actually wrote that? “An American Treasure?” As in, the business that claims to sell handmade lotion that’s “anti-skin cancer“?

The Providence Journal obviously doesn’t do their homework. Don’t take my word for it, just ask Metro who clearly told her that she doesn’t own a business in the video (doesn’t have any statements and doesn’t get business mail) she put out emasculating and humiliating him on her Facebook page.

Or better yet, just go on the Rhode Island Secretary of State corporations division and search for her businesses. These are all the registered companies with the last name Narcisi.

Oh look, her husband is the President of the West Warwick High School Band Parents Association. I’m sure they’re thrilled about this attention he’s drawing to them. And here’s a secret – His and Her Secrets and An American Treasure have no listing either.

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Because posting spam on your Facebook page and calling yourself a business owner, doesn’t actually make you a business owner. Apparently no one taught ProJo reporter Katie Mulvaney how to do basic journalistic research in journalism school.

Feel free to let her know on Twitter. I would but I’m banned from that platform permanently for being too real.

Or just write her a respectively worded email so she can correct and update her factually incorrect article: [email protected]

Narcisi alleges that she discovered in February that Turtleboy Digital had written a blog post defaming and discrediting her business, berating her and ridiculing her relationships. Soon afterward, she said, she began receiving hundreds of text and private messages from Kearney’s followers that ranged in tone from demanding to threatening. Narcisi alleges Kearney libeled her by making false statements that exposed her to hatred, contempt and ridicule. She says she has suffered shame, mortification and injury to her reputation and her feelings. She sought a temporary restraining order requiring Turtleboy to immediately remove all references to Narcisi from Kearney’s site and all “associated” others. The order was granted by Judge Susan E. McGuirl on May 16 without testimony from Kearney.

I still can’t believe an attorney took a retainer from a woman and wrote up a lawsuit based on hurt feelings.

This is her new attorney, Edward M. Pepe, an associate at Moretti, Perlow, and Bonin.

They can be found on Facebook, and as always we urge you NOT TO go to their page and leave negative comments and reviews. That sort of behavior is frowned upon. Sure, it’s pretty low and pathetic for a lawyer to take on a case like this, knowing that it’s patently absurd, seeing that his client is clearly unwell, but I guess Edward M. Pepe must be desperate for work these days. Give the poor guy a break!

That’s when Kearney reached out to the ACLU. Kearney describes the two sites he maintains as being dedicated to matters of “public interest and conduct” and “investigative journalism” in a written declaration filed with the court. He refers to being credited by The Boston Globe for breaking stories on corruption in the Massachusetts State Police. He said he decided to write about Narcisi after becoming aware of a video she had posted, and encouraged others to share, which criticized her care at a Rhode Island hospital. He said he did not find Narcisi “very sympathetic or entirely credible” and wrote “mocking and unflattering” blog posts that readers commented on.

“In blogging about plaintiff, I did not invite, request or otherwise suggest that our readers communicate with plaintiff,” he said. His business had no communication with Narcisi, directly or otherwise, he said. Labinger, who had the case moved to federal court, argues that the lawsuit should be dismissed because the court lacks jurisdiction since Kearney and his business are Massachusetts-based, and because Kearney was not properly served.

“A judge has no right to tell an independent media outlet to remove factually based content and commentary from a website, particularly since this website is my livelihood,” Kearney said in a statement. “As a former history teacher, I understand why the Founding Fathers insisted that free speech be protected in the Bill of Rights, particularly speech that some may find offensive. Protecting agreeable speech is easy, but our freedoms are put to the test when some find it to be controversial.”

Again, I’d like to thank the Rhode Island ACLU for agreeing to take this case. When I was calling lawyers for this case one of the first people I called was Robert Flanders, since we endorsed him in his failed campaign against Sheldon Whitehouse for Senate last year. The republican was going to charge me over $500 an hour, despite the fact that this right leaning media outlet was being attacked by a democratic state rep, and a democrat appointed judge. I couldn’t afford that, so the Rhode Island ACLU has been a life saver.

I’d love to see the Massachusetts ACLU stand up for the First Amendment in the other two equally frivolous lawsuits filed against me. I just got another bill for $8,300 on the Azadnia case yesterday, on top of the $5,000 retainer.

And if that case goes to trial, it’s going to cost at least $20,000 more. That’s on top of the thousands of dollars I’ve paid to defend myself against Rian Waters and Jamie Genereux. If and when that case does go to trial we will not be able to survive it without raising the money via donations and merchandise sales. So please, if you’d like to support us and help us keep this revolution in media going, this is how you do it. We are uninsurable, and constantly targeted by bullies like this. Because we’ve been demonetized by Google, blacklisted by Twitter and Facebook, and our local advertisers get harassed until they agree to stop advertising with us, we don’t make enough money to afford to fight lawsuits like this.

Please don’t let them win.

We love you all.

P.S. I will be doing a press conference outside of court on the date with Narcisi, whenever that is.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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